Mahakumbh 13th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Mahakumbh 13th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Tiwari thanking Rudra for making Ganga free of poison. He says everyone has witnessed the Garuda powers. Rudra says it was a warning that war is about to begun. They see a big blast in Ganga and are shocked. The people start running. Tiwari asks Rudra about the fire cloud. Rudra says I don’t understand, don’t let anyone step in Ganga. A man brings his old mum and says he came to make mum bath in Ganga, let them go. Rudra asks him to see the conditions, they can go once the clouds vanish. The man says fine and takes his mum.

Rudra says its not much time for Maha Shivratri, their belief should not break. He looks at the cloud circle in the sky. All the devotees look at the circle forming in the sky. The man says its pure Kumbh, nothing will happen and they talk about Ganga, and its sign of some big thing. An old man says it happens every 144 years, Vish will come out and Brahmanisht made Saraswatikund, even this time there will be Amrit Sagar Manthan. Charles asks Rudra whats happened. Rudra says I don’t know how is this happening.

Charles says we have to reach Maai Mui. Rudra says just Maai Mui and Baba can help us, so we have to get her back, only she can help us, we are protectors and its out duty to protect Mahakumbh, take care of Baba, I will get Maai Mui back. Bhairavi sees the clouds and worries. Naags comes there. Dansh sees it and says Ganga is cleaned of poison, whats this. Bhairavi says this had to happen. Dansh angrily says he gets hurt by her suspense, he wants clear answers now.

He says its just time which can give clear answers, leave everything on time. Dansh asks about the book. He says he will get later, what about this danger, it can ruin everything before Amrit surfaces. She asks will he sit quiet if anyone is not saying anything, he says he has right on Amrit, then does he want to hold anyone’s finger and get Amrit, go to Mahakumbh and show me by fighting with this danger. Dansh asks Naags to keep an eye on her and not let her run.

The Naags surround her. Dansh leaves. She says when I came for first time, you did the same, move back else I will burn the Naag lok. She hits the ground and it cracks. They all move back and leave. Katherine comes to Shivanand and shows her bag. She says no one will trust her, but she will not stay here, its happening as he said. He says I will take my son by explaining him, I will not leave him, the fight will not happen if 7 Garuda are not together, and if there is no fight, then there won’t be any death, I have to stop them from protecting Amrit, go from here. She takes her bag and looks at him. He sits quiet. She leaves.

Rudra comes to jungle and meets Bhairavi. She says you came. He says you went far. She says you told me to go. He says I told you to go far from Baba, as you cheated. She says Maai Mui can’t cheat Rudra and Bhairavi can’t cheat Garuda head, why did you come if you don’t trust me. He says even if he is strong, they can’t manage without feet, even if she joined enemies, she can guide them for Mahakumbh protection. She says I can’t come. He says I have to take you, if you will or you don’t will. She hits the ground and he sees a storm. Bhairavi disappears. He calls out Maai Mui.

She says he will find her when the big danger comes. Devesh and Balivesh see the clouds and look at each other. He says its like any warning of big danger, Ganga turned black, just Naags can do this, they are digging here to get Amrit, what are they planning. Devesh says maybe Naags are not behind this, there is no proof and reason, but we have a chance to plan. Balivesh asks how can anyone control Naags. He says there is a saint who can control Naags, if the plan works, they can control Naags.

He says then we can become warriors in the Amrit fight, we will be Swami of this Mahakumbh. Balivesh asks where is he. Devesh says I know where he will be. Rudra comes to Maai Mui and says I know you are here, as you said wherever there is danger…. She appears and says you will get me there.

She says you took poison from Ganga, but where did it go, the cloud came after the poison went towards the sky, the poison became this cloud, its not ordinary poison, only Shiv could bear this, every 144 years Vish surfaces before Amrit, its so powerful that it can end humans, when you stopped it from being in water, it made its place in sky, the cloud will break and the poison will come back to earth as rain, and its one drop will ruin all humans, animals, birds and living beings, it will reach every city by mixing in water, the earth will be without any life. Rudra is shocked. She says the rain can start any moment. Rudra asks how to stop it. She says only sacrificing feeling can calm this, your sacrifice in Mahakumbh begins from here.

Bhairavi says we have to stop shit danger before Shiv Ratri. Rudra uses Garuda weapon to stop the danger. Dansh drives and an old man comes infront of his car. He asks him to move and is shocked seeing his face. Shivanand controls Charles and Tiwari too and says they are on my side now. Rudra looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Wat da hell is happening here..i realy cnt see shivanand turning to a negative role…shivanand u r da main aftr rudra..ur efforts made all garuda together..plz cum back da brain is really needed aftr heart…wana see in ur true form…

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