Mahakumbh 12th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Mahakumbh 12th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rudra and Ganga holding hands and crying. He hugs her and cries feeling the happiness to meet her after 24 years. Punnu says Maya has told me to get me here, I did not say anything that time, but I will tell now. He says she has done this to send you safe here, she made you make the blanket not for cold, but to save you, she wore your shawl to divert the goons. Ganga asks about Maya. Rudra says she is inside and takes her. The doctor says don’t worry, she will be conscious till morning. Rudra thanks him. He says its ok and leaves. Rudra gets glad. Ganga says don’t worry, the one who help people, Lord always blesses them, nothing will happen to her.

Ganga blesses Maya and smiles. Swami ji gets angry and holds the goon’s neck. Devesh comes and stops him asking him to leave the goon. Swami ji looks on angrily and leaves the goon. The man apologizes to them. Devesh removes the cotton covers from his hand and shows his well being. He scares the man and the man says we thought its Ganga, and it was Maya, but this man told us to kill her. Devesh looks at the other man angrily.

Punnu tells Rudra that he will inform Dadi, else she will worry. Ganga says Dadi? Rudra smiles and hugs Punnu. Punnu happily gets teary eyed and leaves. Rudra asks Ganga what happened Maa. Ganga says call me Maa again. Rudra says Maa and wipes her tears. She applies him black Kalaj dot and says she waited for this moment for 24 years, I use to talk to you and tell you stories. She says today I don’t know what to say when you are infront of me.

Rudra smiles. She asks where did he stay all these years, who did his upbringing. Rudra gets sad. Ganga says I know it was not easy, but I want to know to heal your wounds. Rudra says that day, Baba and I went to Kumbh and there was sudden blast. He tells her about Maai Mui and Udiya Baba’s death, how he came with Maya and met Balivesh and then Shivanand. He says I got everyone, my family got completed, Dadi will be happy. He gets tensed and she asks is he hiding something from her. He says nothing, you know everything, Dadi and dad have some tension and its still there, Dadi stopped him and he is still in his research.

Devesh kills the other goon by suffocating his neck, and says I told you not to hurt Maya, and kills him in anger. Swami ji looks at Devesh. Devesh says I could not protect you Maya, forgive me. Punnu brings Dadi there. Ganga looks at her and cries. She says Maa ji… Dadi is stunned seeing Ganga. (Such natural actors, brilliant ..!!) Ganga touches her feet and Dadi blesses her. Ganga hugs her and they smile.

Dadi says your name is right, Ganga, I saw Ganga and my family uniting again, I m freed by all my bounds, I m assured that you will take care of Brashmanisht. Ganga says I m here because of Maya. Dadi smiles and says its fate, the people who burnt our home, their daughter is uniting us. Dadi says we have to support her, and not become weak infront of her. Ganga wipes her tears and says come Maa ji. Dadi goes to meet Maya.

Dadi brings a rudraksh which helps in asthma. She recites Om Bhur….. She puts it around Maya’s neck. Maya gets conscious and opens her eyes. They all smile seeing her. Dadi says we are fine, your repentance is fulfilled, Rudra would have not met his Maa without you. Ganga says see my belief and your love are true. Rudra says yes, and Maya is also true. Maya cries. Dadi asks her to cry and asks her to lower her burden.

Rudra says Dadi said right, I believe Amrit is my family, I will cross this Mahakumbh and this life with my family. Dadi say you are like Shivanand and still not like him. Ganga asks where is he. Dadi says he will be busy in any research.

Dadi says my bahu has come, and soon Maya too, Rudra has fulfilled my desired, now we will have Devis as foundation in Brahmanisht Panth, we will keep Kuldevi Aayojan today. They leave. Rudra looks at Maya and holds her face. They smile.

Shivanand asks Grierson for the book. He beats Grierson. Maya holds Rudra’s hand and asks him not to go, as she is feeling scared. Someone injects poison in glucose and Maya gets unwell. Shivanand says someone has given her such poison that she dies slowly. Rudra is shocked seeing Maya’s vulnerable state.

Update Credit to: Amena

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