Mahakumbh 12th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Mahakumbh 12th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pandey talking to Swami. Swami asks him to capture Rudra and he wants to hear Rudra’s scream till now. He says the things which are not in our right is pain, and other one is happiness, I want happiness, I will get it when I have Rudra in my control. Pandey says don’t worry, he will be, as I will catch him, even I wish to hear his screams, this state of mine happened because of me, I will give this pain to him. Swami asks him not to flow in emotions and not make any mistake, else he will have to pay the price, and no eye will remain to see or cry. Pandey says he will do his work, else his name is not Pandey. Swami says I can’t trust him, but I trust you all, go and win. They all leave.

Maai sits and greets Chandrabhaan wishing him happy birthday to his statue. She washes the statue and says I don’t have any home, just that cemetery and dead bodies, the truth is I don’t like the cemetery now, I have left everything after you died, and then Rudra came and I started living, I don’t know he has much burden on his heart, he is Lord’s avatar, I don’t want him to stay in cemetery. Rudra comes and asks why, this cemetery gave me life, this is my home. She says my life has passed, how will you pass your complete life here Ridra holds her saree end and says my life is you. She says you make me quiet saying this, I don’t care now. Rudra gets annoyed. Maai says I have a wish, that you take home on rent, get married and I play with your kids, when I die, you do my last rites. Rudra says enough. Maai asks can’t I joke, who do I have expect you, you love me so much, fine then go and cheer for Maya.

Maya plays the basketball game. Punnu is there. Maai asks Rudra to go. Rudra says so it means all this was to send me. She says yes, just go now for my sake. He hugs her and they smile. Maai gets tears and controls asking him to leave now. He asks her not to say such nonsense again. She says fine, and he keeps his hand on her head and says I m going. She smiles seeing him leave. She wishes her dream to come true. Rudra and Maya to unite, then she will reach her husband.

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Maya does many baskets. MLA’s son Yadav comes there with his goons. Pandey follows Rudra and informs Swami that Rudra left, its time for action now. The goons wait for Rudra. Maya gets tensed seeing the goons and loses focus in the game. The team starts losing, and the break time starts. Punnu tells Maya that he will call Rudra here. Maya says no, don’t call him, I don’t want any fight here, just ognore them, enjoy the match. The second half starts.Rudra comes there and sees Maya. The goons tease Maya and Rudra sees them standing far. He sees tension on Maya’s face. He gets angry.

The goons say Maya is our Bhabhi. The other team gets ahead in scores, and two mins remain. The scores are same and penalty shot is taken by Maya. Yadav smiles seeing Maya. Maya thinks to focus as she has to win this match. She baskets the ball and wins. Yadav sends his goons. He eyes Maya. Rudra looks on from across the net. Yadav comes in the ground and teases Maya. They all surround Maya. Punnu gets worried seeing this. Yadav holds Maya’s hand and says you won my heart by playing well. Punnu tries to stop them, and gets pushed on the floor. They beat Punnu. Rudra walks around seeing this, and makes an entry finally.

The goons see the anger on his face. Yadav says he has come for this girl. The goons gather to beat Rudra. Rudra beats them all cleanly and with less efforts, with all smart moves and still keeping angry expressions on his face. He looks at Yadav. Yadav sees all goons fallen. Rudra walks to him. Rudra slaps him which shakes his vision. Rudra beats him up. Maya walks to Punnu whole Rudra is strangulating Yadav by his neck. He senses Maai in danger getting its visuals and her voice calling him. He sees some goons after Maai’s life and runs to save her. Maya and Punnu call Rudra and he just runs. Maya asks Punnu to get up.

Maai is on the way from market and Swami’s goons come there. She gets tensed seeing them and runs. They run after her to atch her. Rudra runs in full pace to reach Maai and save her life. Maai worriedly runs and drops the veg basket too. The goons chase Maai. Maai comes to an open place and falls down. The men catch her and aim trishuls at her. She is stunned seeing them.

Pandey tells Maai that he will kill her to get peace. Maai is in her last breath and Rudra talks to her. He agrees to Maya to go Allahabad with her. Maya brings Rudra to Swami and refers to him as Mama ji. Rudra looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Awesome Serial .

  2. Did Maai died???

  3. Did Maai died???

  4. y dont get it weather maya is good or bad.wtever it be i love just act of rudra ka gautum.thank for update.

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