Mahakumbh 11th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Mahakumbh 11th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rao taking Rudra’s blood sample and mixing some to inject Maya. They all wait for Maya’s response. Rudra holds Maya’s hand. Maya smiles and opens her eyes. She says Rudra and gets up to hug him. Everyone get glad. He says you have to go. She asks where. Rudra says far from me, to some safe place. Katherine gets scared recalling that she is standing between fire. She wakes up and looks around. She gets afraid seeing Shivanand. He says he has seen death, She says explain Garudas, we all will die before saving Amrit, so we have to protect ourselves, talk to Charles, he will understand, then we all three will explain others. She nods. He leaves.

Thapadiya Maai says we will go out. Maya says when I saw you last time, you became my life partner, and today when I got conscious, you are asking me to go away. She says she will be with him in every state. Rudra says no Maya, the one who loved is Rudra, and you are wife of Mahakumbh’s protector, who can’t keep his marriage and love before his duty. He says he has to save humanity, its war of good and evil, and he has to keep everything at stake to win it, he did not give her anything, but he wants to ask something, can she stay away from him and support him. She cries and agrees. He kisses her forehead. She does not leave his hand.

He takes his hand off and leaves. Maya thinks he loves her a lot, more than himself, but what about her love, she can stay without him, but how will she live. Rudra thinks he is just a protector, she has to live her life, and the price is leaving away from her. She thinks all her dreams will die. Rudra thinks protector does not have any dream, but just aim.
She writes a latter that sorry, she became selfish for sometime, but she wants her love to become his strength, not weakness. Rao has cameras there in her room, and sees Maya and Rudra. Rao tells Grierson that Rudra is sending Maya away to save her, and Maya is going away to make his mission fulfilled, he has to do something, and asks Grierson not to inform Balivesh and Devesh that Maya is fine, he will decide who will do what in the mission.

Balivesh asks his men to get info. He comes to know Rudra is alive and Maya got fine. Devesh says even I knew this, but Grierson has hidden this from us, he cheated us, I told before we can’t trust anyone, we have to do something to make our place in this fight, we can make Naags on our side, the one who has the solution will be with us now.

Rao comes to bus depot and talks to Maya. He asks is she going. She nods. He asks did she think about Rudra, after she leaves, Naags have killed all his family members, and even his friend Punnu. Maya is shocked. Rao asks did she see his dad, how Naags have sent his father back, its just her, who can become his support. Thapadiya Maai asks where did Maya go. Rao brings Maya back. Thapadiya Maai asks where did she go. Rao says she would have gone far if I did not stop her. Rudra looks at Maya.

Maya walks to him and says she came to say, that there is someone who wants to share all his pain, and fulfill everyone’s place in his life. She holds his hand and asks him not to be lonely, as she is with him without any condition, she is having strength to go far only for him. Bhairavi sits in the jungle and concentrates. She lifts in the air. Maya comes to meet Leela. She sees Leela sleeping. Maya says I don’t know why you came here, but you saved Rudra’s life, I have belief in Lord because of you, thanks.

Dansh,. Guru and other Naags see Bhairavi. Dansh says I told you, she knows what we all don’t know. Dansh walks to her. Bhairavi gets down and sits. Dansh sees time and looks at her. Thapadiya Maai asks Maya to go peacefully. Katherine hugs Maya and signs Charles. Maya cries meting everyone. She says Rudra I will wait, and write letter to you, reply to me. Rao says he will keep Maya safe, that no one can harm her. Maya leaves with Rao. Rudra looks on.

Tiwari comes there and asks Rudra to come with him, Ganga’s water is turning black suddenly. Rudra asks others to be with Shivanand. Dansh asks Bhairavi to open eyes, as he wants to talk to her. She says I know, but I want to hear it from you. Dansh says we are ready for the deal. She says I m satisfied. Dansh says we should find the third book soon. Guru says she might be knowing the way to get it. She says you will know when right time comes and smiles. Dansh and Guru start leaving. She says but two things happened good. Guru asks what. She says you accepted the deal. Dansh asks second? She says he is alive. Dansh says Rudra? He gets angry.

Katherine tells Charles that this is warning that its time to get Amrit and out death. Charles says shut up. Maya shouts seeing Rao getting attacked. Rudra tackles the Ganga water problem.

Update Credit to: Amena

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