Mahakumbh 11th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Mahakumbh 11th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Maya telling Punnu about Ganga’s life in danger and asks him to take her to Rudra. She says she will wear Ganga’s shawl and divert the goons. He says you will be in risk. She says Ganga waited for this day for 24 hours, Rudra does not even know this, I will go out, you go from back gate, don’t turn back and see, till you make Ganga reach Rudra safely. He nods. The goons wait for Ganga. Maya comes to Ganga and asks Ganga to give her shawl and take this blanket, as its very cold outside. Ganga says I don’t know what to say and blesses her.

Maya asks Punnu to take care of Ganga and inform her after reaching there. Maya wears Ganga’s shawl and similar saree and goes out. She falls to divert them and runs as they see her. Rudra visualizes attack on Maya and wakes up from his sleep. He runs to save her. Maya runs in the jungle and hides. The goons look for her. Rudra is on the way running towards Maya. A goon falls and they all stop. Maya gets shirt of breath and hides. She takes asthma medicine from the pump.

A goon falls and comes near her. She holds her mouth in fear. Rudra reaches the jungle. Rudra beats the goon asking for her, Maya falls on her own and other goons come to catch her. She runs and Rudra finds her asthma medicine pump. She come sin the bridge and the goons catch her. She hides her face. They hit her and are shocked seeing its Maya, kill her, else Swami ji will not leave us.

A goon comes to kill her and Rudra shouts no. Rudra beats the goons. The goons throw Maya in the swamp and Rudra shouts Maya, while the storm and thunder strikes. Rudra jumps by the tree bark help and tries to hold her hand. He holds her hand and brings her out. He asks is she fine. It rains and he shouts Maya. She asks Maya to wake up and takes her. He asks for help and shouts, as the car does not stop. He brings her to Kumbh nursing home and asks doctor to check her fast.

Maya is treated. Rudra asks doctor to save Maya. The doctor says don’t worry, I will try my best. Rudra sits by Maya’s side and cries seeing her. He holds her hand and looks at her. Later on, Maya wakes up and says Maai Mui died because of me, but Maa is fine. He asks Maa, what is she saying, he can’t understand, just tell me who did this. She says Mama ji’s goons. He gets angry and she stops him holding his hand. She says Dadi told me we both have to end the enmity of both families.

She says promise me you will not take revenge. He says fine, but you take rest now. She says Maa…. And faints. He asks Maya to wake up and calls doctor. Rudra says she got conscious, she was talking to me, she fainted now. The doctor says its not fine to talk to him in this state, she can get unwell, we will take care. Rudra looks at Maya. He comes out and recalls Maya and her words. He cries and wipes his tears.

He says get well Maya, just by any way. Punnu brings Ganga there and asks about Brahmanisht. He sees Rudra and says Maya and the goons. Rudra says I know, I got her here after saving her from goons, but you here. Punnu says Maya told me that your mum’s life is in danger. Rudra asks what. Punnu says your Maa ji, she is with me, look there. Rudra recalls his mum Ganga and is shocked.

Ganga says Lord blesses the one who do Lord’s words. Someone injects poison to Maya’s glucose bottle. Nanu scolds a goon. Rudra is shocked seeing Maya’s state.

Update Credit to: Amena

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