Mahakaali 6th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Diti repents

Mahakaali 6th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Vishnu says this Jyotarlinga will be know as Bheemshankar. Parvati says whoever comes here to repent will be granted forgiveness. And will be blessed by Mahadev.
Shiv says the next Jyotarlinga will be tough. It is related to Ganga. She will try to trap her.

Diti says to Ganga you are my sister so you can understand me. Ganga saays what do you want from me? She says I want you to pour water on those jyotarlingas. She says I can never go against Mahadev and Mahakali. Diti locks her and says you thought I wouldn’t knwo this? She does her magic on Ganga and controls her mind. Ganga says see this place. Go and pure it with your water. You will have to do it for me. You will show them what happens when ganga comes. Ganga says they have always done injustice to us. i will stop them from coming there. i wont let anyone come there. Diti says well done.

Parvati says diti can’t turn Ganga againsst us. Shiv says its too late now. Kartika says what will she do? Shiv says ganga will make the village flood wherre we have to place the next Jyotarlinga.
Rishiwar and his wife are praying to Jyotarlinga. His men come and tell him that Ganga is really angry. Please come. They come to her and ask her what did they do wrong. Ganga cleans all water from that village. All people try to stop her. Rishiwar picks a leaf and stops her. She syas you can’t stop me with this leaf. He says when we take mahadev’s name with this leaf, its a lot more than just a lean. They create plants around her to stop her. Ganga says you can’t tie me like this. He says someone else is tying you not us. She says i don’t follow Mahadev and Mahakali. Rishiwar says we all do. They take Mahadev’s name over and over again. Ganga comes back to herself. she reads Mahadev’s name too. Vishnu says let me go there. He leaves.

Parvati and Shiv come to Ganga. She says I made a mistake please pardon me. Shiv says its not your mistake. Parvati says the place where ganga was pure again we will place the new Jyotarlinga here. Parvati says this will help in purifying soul of anyone who comes here.
Shiv and Parvati come to Vishnu. he says the world is in trouble. We have to do something.

Diti says I wouldn’t stop. She does more majic. She sayas i will ruin this world. Vishnu says we have to place the last Jyotarlinga here. they place one there. Everything turns alight. Vishu puts light into it. Shiv says this will represent me and Mahakali. Vishu says this Jyotarlinga will be known as Jatagnag. Everyone bows down. Shiv says this will also be known as Rameshawa.

Diti is angry. she throws fires on different valleys. Ganesh says we have to do something. Parvati says Diti is crossing all the limits. We have to turn all Jyotarlingas alive. Shiv and Parvati come to the river and see the fire around it. Shiv picks the lava fire and frees the river from it. He saves everyone from the fire. Parvati syas we have to place on Jyotarlinga here. They all bow down. Kartika says with these 12 Jyotarlingas we stop this destruction from the world. Ganesh says what will Diti do now?

Scene 2
Achariya says to diti you still have time. Stop. parvvati says she will pay for her sins. I am going to her to kill her. Diti comes there and says you dont’ have to go anywhere. I am here myself. Indra says if you are here for another trap then stop. She says i am here to repent. Please kill me and set me free from this life of sins. Please forgive me. Parvati sayas with this Jyotarlinga your anger died. I wanted to kill you but I realized we all had to be part of these Jyotarlingas. She tells her about the jyotarlingas. Parvati says Shiv placed them himself who is Om.

Nandi says to Shiv thank you for saving us from this destruction.
Kartika says why do I feel like something is wrong. parvati says calm down. Swarasur wakes up and says no one can stop me. Shiv says he will start a new chapter of destruction. Lakshmi says it looks very complicated. shiv says this is related to Vishnu. Shiv goes to river. Lakshmi says I have never seen him this worried. Ganesh says what does he want? Shiv says he wants to fulfill his desires will all the sins.

Precap-Swarasur comes to a village and destroys it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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