Mahakaali 5th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Mahakali gets to know the past

Mahakaali 5th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shiv says to Mahakali that whole Kailash will end. People are vanishing. Mahakali looks around and says Kailash will end? my home will be finished. Vishnu says we are waiting for you. Priest says thank you Mahakali, people take directions from me but Mahakali is protector of this universe, he vanishes. Mahakali says to Vishnu that you cant leave. Vishnu says you and Shiv will remain in end, Shiv told me that this will be big a problem but I didnt realize this big it would be, its time for me to take your leave, goodbye, he vanishes. Mahakali shouts and says Mahadev this cant be the end, you told me that you would me, you have to give me the path. Shiv comes there. Mahakali says I ended whole universe, dont you hate me? Shiv says no I always loved you and love you still, from the time you got powers, I was waiting for this moment, I knew you my trials to show you your powers will become successful, this time I would show you your avatars thats why I did prayers, the situation in which you are in, I prayed for it for 107 times, this was my 108th try to show Parvati her Mahakali avatar. Mahakali says 107 avatars? where are they now? Shiv takes off garland which has skulls attached to it, he says its time to use you, he throws the garland in air, Parvati’s different avatars are shown on skulls, Shiv says these were my failed tries but I knew this time I would win. Parvati says its useless now, I ended all worlds, all people. Shiv says end is the start, this end has new beginning attached to it. He shakes his hand infront of her head and says feel my power, your power. Mahakali’s forehead shines.

Shiv shows flashback of life before Mahakali came in the universe. He tells her that she created them and he will show her past. He creates a cloud which shows past and it shows Vishnu is sitting on a throne. Priest meets him. Shiv shows their meeting on a cloud. Priest says I was born first so you should pray to me. Vishnu says to priest that we have to find out who came in this world first. A giant stone appears there, Shiv’s voice says that you both have to come closer to this stone and whoever comes near first will win and other will have to pray to them. They both try to go near the center of stone. Priest asks his powerful flower how much it will take to go inside the stone? she says I dont know. Shiv asks who went to center of this stone? Priest says I found it and went inside. Vishnu says I couldnt find the center of stone, there is no ending of this stone, I am ready to pray to priest. Shiv says no Vishnu is right, there is no end of this stone and priest is punished for lying, Shiv decided that nobody would pray to him. Shiv comes infront of Vishnu and Priest, he says we have to find the power that can protect this universe. Another powers surrounds them, Vishnu asks who is she? she says I am the one who started all born, you got born from me. Shiv says this power is above over powers, she gave births to us, I am the giver, I brought you in this universe so you can serve this universe, I will come to this universe in some avatar to guide and take your test. Vishnu says we are eager to see your avatar. Power says I am above all powers of this universe.. me.. Mahakali. She takes Mahakali’s avatar. Priest cant see her and looks away. She makes him look at her and creates three heads for him. Vishnu closes his eyes as he cant see her. She looks at Shiv and asks if he is not scared of her? he says no I am just admiring love. Mahakali says I will be with you three and guide you, I will knowledge’s devi and people will know me as Saraswati, she creates Saraswati, she says to Vishnu that you will handle the world and guide them, I give you my another avatar that will be beneficial for everyone and its Lakshmi. She says to Shiv that love ‘s answer is love, you will get me as Sati. Mahakali gives his Sati avatar to him. Shiv says this is not you. Mahakali says she will be prayed by everyone and you loved her, Sati will have my avatar inside her but you will have to show her that, when end come near then you have you to show my avatar, Shiv says what if I cant show you? Mahakali says then I will take many avatars, if you are successful in making me show my real avatar without telling me all this then you will be with me forever. Vishnu says this is injustice, its very difficult. Mahakali says he has loved so he can do anything, she asks Shiv to promise that he will give her another life, he promises. She says you have to bring me to new life, you have to take us to end as then a new start will begin, you are going to my favorite Dev thats why you will be Mahadev, respect your promise. Flashback ends.
Mahakali looks at Shiv, Shiv says now you know why I did tandav? it was just a prayers for you but it was a biggest chance for me, I lost my power 107 times and it was my last chance to get you forever and this time you didnt lose your identity because you wanted to show the universe that end is the start. Mahakali says now I know everything, I lost everything to retain my avatar. Shiv says you didnt lose anything, you are the one that gives birth, you cant reincarnate everything.

Scene 2
Mahakali gives rebirth to everyone including Priest, Vishnu, Saraswati, Lakshmi. She smiles at Shiv.
Mahakali and Shiv returns to Kailash. She gives rebirth to Ganesh, Kartika, Indar, Nandi and everyone. All smile at her. Mahakali takes Parvati’s avatar. Kartika and Ganesh hugs her. Ganesh says why all this happened? Parvati says this is a tribute for women, our situations make us believe that women are just to serve, sometimes as mother, sisters, wives but women have to recognize that they are above all ties and works, they are start of everything and if we dont believe in it then its really going to be end of world. Devsena says we would need man’s help in some problems. Parvati says why should we always go to men when we are in problem? you dont need anyone’s help but if you need suggestion then going to men is not bad but you have to lose hesitation to become powerful. Shiv smiles recalling how he said those words to Parvati earlier. Indar comes there and says I want to do your aarti. Lakshmi says no I will do her aarti, Kartika and Ganesh says we will do it. Sidhi and Budhi says we want to do it too. Indar says let Mahadev decide who will do her aarti. Shiv says I will do Gauri’s pooja. She is surprised and smiles at him. Shiv makes her sit down and starts her aarti, he does her tilak and says to people that every women deserve to be prayed for. All men do women’s aarti.

Parvati asks Shiv if he had trust to win? He says I knew I would get you, she says you could have told me everything. He says then Narayan wouldnt get his path, universe wouldnt get their path. Parvati says you didnt understand me at first, Shiv says husbands usually dont understand wives but they live together and start to know each other more. She says you are talking in riddles. Shiv gives her kasturi leaf again. Indar comes there and says Kalidaan have attacked and is challenging to get a position and challenging all Devs. Parvati looks at kasturi leaf and smiles. She takes Mahakali’s avatar. Saraswati and Lakshmi takes their powerful avatars, they go to end him.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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