Mahakaali 4th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Mahakali loses everyone

Mahakaali 4th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Parvati says to Shiv that I want answers from you, Shiv says you have to answer this time, I am going for prayers, all have to come here, he gives the leaves and says they will help you, he leaves. Parvati says he leaving to pray and giving me this shows that there is something big going to happen.

Shiv is going to his den and recalls how he asked Parvati to take help from leaves when she needs. Shiv says I will come out of this den only when you find answers to your questions. He comes in den and says wait for right time, you might get the right path, you will win this time, this time end will be the start.

Parvati says is still thinking about Shiv’s words. Saraswati comes there and says you must be calm now. Parvati says I feel restless and Shiv asks him to find answers this time. Lakshmi says you should search for answers and try to see future again. Parvati says you are right, she uses her power and tries to see future. She says I saw our angered avatars, three of us. Saraswati says it means there is a big trouble on universe coming.

Indar sees some danger in future. He says some trouble is coming, Agni says what should we do? Indar says we should go do meet Mahakali.

Lakshmi says to Vishnu that if you know about the trouble coming then why dont you help Parvati and stop it? Vishnu says I cant stop this, this time Shiv and power are not together, Parvati have to find solution of this trouble.

Indar comes to Mahakali and says there are dangers seen everywhere, what to do? Parvati says you all stay here, Shiv will comeback soon and then we will find solution together, they nod and leaves. Parvati says I have to find out but how? She recalls Vishnu saying that she was not able to see future thats why she is restless. Parvati says whatever this problem is,its about me not seeing future.

Parvati comes to Vishnu and says what is it that you are not telling me? Vishnu says this time your brother doesnt have answers but I just want to tell you that you are everything, you are the start and end, you are the beginning and finishing, Parvati says if this is happening because of me then I will the solution. She leaves. Vishnu says to Lakshhmi that this time problem is Mahakali, if she is leaving then its end for everything.

Parvati recalls how Shiv said that she has to find solution of troubles. She comes outside Shiv’s den, she says I cant find answers, I need your help, she cries. Shiv comes out and calls her. Parvati hugs him and cries. Parvati says you have to tell me why this is happening, I know its related to me. Shiv says before anything, I want to do something, he lovingly looks at her.

Ganesh is in pain. Kartika says this is happening because of troubles. Ganesh says I feel like something is bad, like everything is ending, I feel my powers ending and cant be here for much longer. Kartika is stunned.

Shiv makes her sit down and gives her laddos, he says this is love which you showed to me and this universe. He tries to make her eat but she denies, he says I know you are thinking about saving the universe but you have to be powerful for that, you made me learn how to come out of troubles, this is going to be the biggest trouble for us and I want to spend some time with you before that, they need each other, Shiv says we will find some solution. Parvati says my love for you can never change but this is all happening because of me, will people hate me? Shiv says no, I have only love for you and will always love you. Parvati cries and holds his hand. Kartika brings Ganesh, he is severely ill. Parvati rushes to him and asks what happened to him? Kartika says the danger is affecting him too. Parvati says I have to find future and Shiv have to help me. Shiv says you have bound me with a promise, its time to find solutions.

Shiv and Parvati meets priest. Parvati uses her powers and tries to see future. She sees some colors then priest vanishing then Vishnu vanishing then Shiv.. She looks startled.

Vishnu looks at see which is brewing storm. There are earthquakes and other dangers on earth. Priest says we cant do anything, Vishnu says only Mahakali can save us.

Parvati says to Shiv that I dont understand what future holds? Shiv says you are the start and end, when we find the right path, then we will find a solution to end it, we have to start our journey for this. Nandi and some soldiers come there, Nandi is ill and fainting. Parvati asks what happened to him? Nandi says I served you as much as I could but now its my time to go, Nandi vanishes with his force. Then Kailash girls vanishes, then Indar vanishes. Parvati is tensed and says end is coming here. Shiv thinks that Dev-log will end too.

Ganesh is getting critical. Kartika says we have to do something. Parvati and Shiv comes there too. Suddenly Kartika gets ill too, he asks Parvati to protect Ganesh and others and vanishes. Parvati recalls how she gave birth to Ganesh. Ganesh says to Parvati that only you can save us. Parvati recalls her moments with Ganesh, She is in tears as Ganesh vanishes too.

Mahakali is in anger and says my kids cant end, if they dont comeback then Mahakali wont spare anyone. Shiv says everything is going to end and Mahadev will end too. Mahakali is shocked and says no, it cant end like this. Saraswati feels pain and says you gave me confidence to become stronger, you protected my family, I cant thank you enough, she feels pain and vanishes. Lakshmi says you were me all the time but today I cant be with you and soon I will vanish too, she cries and vanishes. Vishnu cries. Mahakali shouts no! Parvati’s should shines and vanishes. Mahakali is jittery. Shiv tries to calm her and says whole Kailash will finish now.

PRECAP- Indar says to Mahakali that everything is in danger and ending, we have to do something.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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