Mahakaali 29th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Mahakali comes face to face with Diti

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Mahakaali 29th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Everyone chants for Mahakal and Mahakali. Verpal says by killing him you have free us from his darkness. Please stay with us forever. Mahakal says I have decided to stay here forever. Parvaati saays this place of Mahakal will be known as Mahakaleshawar. Shiv places another Jyotarlinga there. Kali says whoever wishes here Mahadev will fulfill his wishes and protect him. Shiv says when a human with all his purity takes name of God I come to him every time. Ganesh says how is that place related to mata. Shiv says you will know soon. Vishnu says Mahadev the problem isn’t solved yet. There’s a lot that we need to do. Kartika says what’s the new place? Shiv says next one will be far away from life and death.

Parvati and shiv walk. They hear a child crying. They see a dark cyclone. Parvati says someone is in trouble. Scared of the cyclone the child keeps crying. Parvaati says we have to help him. Shiv says stop. This trouble on this child will send a new message. Parvati says Diti knows that we are doing this that is why she is troubling these people.

Diti locks Achariya. She says I wont stop mahadev. You thought you defeated me by killing bhushan but the one who is coming can’t be stopped.
A woman is praying. Another woman comes to her Pushma your son’s life is in danger. Her husband says she wont listen. she wont open her eyes until her pooja is completed. The woman says Pushma please open your eyes. Pushma says God my prayers are real and I know you will help me.
The child is covered in sand. Parvati says we have to stop all this. The woman opens her eyes and runs towards her child. She tries to get him out of the sand with help of other people. They get him out but the child has fainted. She cries. Pushma says Mahadev how can you do this to my child If you have decided this for me Mahadev then I wont cry. The storm rages. A woman says Pushma lets go. She says no I will keep sitting here unless God comes for my help. She closes her eyes and prays. Mahadev and Parvati come to her. The storm goes away. Pushma opens her eyes and sees them. she says thank you for coming. Shiv wakes her son up. She hugs him.
Parvati says Pushma this exam was cleared by you clearly. Your purity made this place pure too. Shiv says from now on this place will be known by your name and your faith. this shivling will be after your name. They all bow down to it. Suddenly the world shakes. Parvati says we have to rush towards the next Jyotatlinga. You all go there I have to go somewhere. Shiv meets parbatlal and says we have to place a Jyotarlinga here. Start is Ganesh.

Shiv and everyone come to a waterfall. The earth keeps shaking. Ganeshs starts making a Jyotarlinga. Partbatraj says you can’t make it here. This land belongs to me. Shiv closes his eyes. The water stops flowing. Shiv says why is the water not under your control? Why don’t you command water to flow in one direction? He tries but the water is not in his control. He says what does this lake try to show? The water goes out of direction. suddenly he hears Om from everywhere. He says what is this Om? Shiv says this is the relationship of a human with God. Shiv says understand its meaning first. Om bring peace for dead and alive. Parbatraj bows down to Shiv. He says forgive me Mahadev. I forgot that you are my God too. Please place this Jyotatlinga here. Ganesh makes the Jyotatlinga. Vishnu says this will be known as Omkareshwar. Kartika says where is Mata?

Scene 2
Parvati comes to Diti’s cave. Shiv says she is upto something important.
Diti says you are here finally. Parvati says you are my sister but that doesn’t allow you to do all that you have been doing. I was respecting you a sister of Sati but I wont stop you. You harmed a child. Diti says you can’t stop me. Kali says you can’t see your truth. These Jyotarlingas will stop you and you have to back out. You will pay for your sins. This is my last warning to you. Parvato leaves.

Parvati comes back. She says to Shiv people forget everything in anger. Ganesh says whats the new place? Shiv says we are here already. A woman comes and says I am glad to meet you again Mata. Shiv says you are not an ordinary woman. You are devi Darukta. A lot of snakes come. All the snakes surround the Jyotarlinga. Vishnu says this will be known as Nageshwar.
Parvati looks at Shiv. He looks worried. Shiv says before Mata diti takes her next step there is another dark force coming to her.

Another asur comes to Diti. Diti says Bheemaa He says I want to be part of your fight. Diti says its not that easy. Bheema says vishnu killed my father and I want to take revenge. Diti says first kill that Mahadev’s person and his whole village. His name is Ramgoeshwar.
Bheema comes to Ramgoeshwar. Bheema says you will be killed you. He says I have my faith in Mahadev. Bheema attacks him. Mahadev comes there. Vishnu says careful Bheemasur. Bheema says Vishnu I will kill you like you killed my father. Shiv says he died because of his sins and so will you. Shiv throws his trishul on him and he dies.

Preca-pAll Jyotarlingas are placed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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