Mahakaali 27th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Vishnu comes to cave

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Mahakaali 27th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Vishnu kills Madhu and his brother. Parvati says Vishnu saves the world from evil he will known as Madhushudan as well. He says I could only kill them because of you. That’s is why world will know Mahakali as Kedapi. They come to bhramlok.
Diti is locked in a circle. Parvati asks who did this? She says Andhak’s son Adi. She tells Parvati everything. She bhasmasur was nothing in front of Adhi. He wants to separate you and Shiv. Parvati says I have to go to Kelash. Vishnu says but we need to go to Bharamlok and put devs in place. With every moment bhramdev is getting weaker. Adi has reached Kelash.

Adi enters Kelash as Parvati. He recalls everything Adhak went through. He says nothing can stop me now. I will destroy all this to avenge pain of my father. Shiv says as Mahadev’s wife you have to decide something. Kali says no matter what Adhi does he is entering Kelash as me but he can’t act like his wife.
I know Mahadev he will realize its not me. We have to save bhramdev first.

Adhi enters. Nandi sees her and says welcome mata. You came so early? is everything fine? He says yes its all fine. Nandi turns back. Adhi attacks his men. He picks his weapon but adi hits him too and hides them.
Vishnu and Parvati start the yagya. He says there shouldn’t be any disturbance in it.

Scene 2
Ganesh is upset. Kartika sits with him. He says what happened Ganesh? Ganesh says my heart doesn’t feel good. Something bad is going to happen and it has to be related to mata. He says mata is coming back home dont’ worry. Adi moves forward in Kelash. parvati does yagya. She is worried.
Nandi shouts mata.. Ganesh says that’s Nandi. Adhi says I know how to fool your Parvati. I know what will Kartika do now.
Kartika says you stay here. Let me check where is Nandi Ganesha says i will come with you. Kartika says you will stay here and that’s my order. Ganesh says ma please come back.
Kartika sees Parvati. Adi recalls Kartika fighting with Andhak. Adi says I am not feeling well. Kartika says are you okay mata? She says yes I am. Get Mahadev up from his sadhna only he can help me. Kartika says okay. He goes to mahadev.

Parvati does her yagya. Vishnu says we are done. Ganesh is worried. He says am where are you? Adhi comes to him. he says I havee done yagya. Come I will make you modak. He says okay ma.
Parvati is worried. Vishnu says be strong. Adhi is in Kelash but he can’t reach mahadev until we are there. Parvati says I am worried for Ganesh as well.
Adhi makes modak for Ganesh. Ganesh is about to eat them. Parvati says Ganesh.. Adi says what happened? Ganesh says nothing. He eats the modak. Parvati I am worried for entire Kelash.
Ganesh faints. Kartika comes running in. He says Ganesh what happened to you. He says to Adhi who are you? he says parent’s sins are paid by kids. I am here to complete my mission I am andhak’s son Adhi.
Kartika says how dare you disguise as my mother and come here. He picks his weapon. Andhak says you can’t attack on your mother’s face. He attacks Kartika and he falls down.
Parvati is worried.

Shiv opens his eyes. AAdhi says now I will separat Shiv and Shakti. Shiv comes out of his cave. He sees Parvati and smiles. He says everything will be good noew dev. I feel like I haven’t seen you in days. He is about to hug him. Parvati comes and says stop. Vishnu comes there as well. He heals Nandi and everyone. Vishnu comes to cave and heals Kartika and Ganesh.
Adi says to Parvati who are you? Be yourself. Parvati says my dev knows who am I. Adhi says dev I am Parvati. Shiv says I ver well know who is my gauri and who is adi. He hugs adhi. Addhi comes close to him and suffocated. He comes in his real face. Shiv throttles him. Adhi burns and falls down. He says Shiv and shakti is a power that can neverr be broken. You did this sin for your father. This journey of evil should end here.
Parvati says I knew till you are here no one can weaken our relationship. He says because you are my strength and you complete me. After I lost you as Sati, you came into my life as Parvati. Our relationship is away from all evils so there is no power that can separate us. Ganesh hugs Parvati. He says ma I was so worried. When I held his hand I knew he was not my mother. I kept fooling him so he can’t reach Shiv. VIshnu says this bond can never be broken.

Precap-Shiv and Parvati face the 12 powers together.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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