Mahakaali 26th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Kali and Shiv mate

Mahakaali 26th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Parvati holds Shiv’s hand. He says our child will the mirror of you and me. no one can stop you from being a mother. You will have to do the tandav. Will you be able to do this? She says I have never done it before. He says but you have loved right? She says yes. He says thank you can do anything. She closes her eye lids. Shiv blows his trumpet.

Mahabali says we have to stop them from making a baby. Nishumbh says but she can’t give birth. Shumbh says she is Mahakali too. Mahabali says what should we do? Shumbh says Kamdev can help us. Rati’s husband KAmdev was burned by Shiv. We will bring him back. This is what Rati wants too. That Kamdev will help us in stopping them.

Rati is sitting in a dark cave. She is crying. She says you promised to give me a child. Shumbh nishumbh and Mahabali come. Shumbh says we are here to bring your husband back.
Shiv starts his tandav. He looks at Parvati. He says are you understanding? She says yes. He says only you can do this. Parvati dances around him.

Rati says I don’t feel you are right. He can’t come back. Mahabali says are you mad. They tie her and say Mahakal and Mahakali we are coming. They take the ashes of Kamdev.
Shiv does tandav and screams satii… Suddenly he sees sati in Parvati. She says sati is still in Parvati and with Shiv. Shiv comes out of him and Sati out of Parvati. Parvati says see Shiv and sati are still together. They can’t go away from each other. Shiv(old) and sati do the dance together. Shiv and Parvati look and them a smile. She says I did it dev. They both do tandav together. Shiv hugs her.

Scene 2
Rati comes to Vishnu and tells him everything that happened. She says I was reluctant but I couldn’t stop them. I don’t know what will they do. Vishnu says they will use Kamdev’s ashes. Rati says I shouldn’t have cursed Parvati. She says i shouldn’t have done this. Vishnu says everything happens for a reason. To Kill Mahabali Shiv and Parvati will need their child.
Parvati sits in front of shiv.
Rati says what will we do now? Vishnu says whatever they do they can’t succeed. If they bring Kamdev back he will be all negative. He will be full of darkness.

Shumbh and Nishumb bring kamdev back. Mahabali says to Kamdev go and kill their child. He killed you. Go and take the world in your hand. Mahabali says if we catch vishnu shiv will bow down to us.

Nandi is getting the army ready. They take their trishuns. Kamdev comes there. They are dazed. Nandi says he is not kamdev. He is his dark shadow. Kamdev says I know shiv and kamdev are nearby.
Vishnu and Lakshmi come to mahabali. Vishnu says I knew you would come now see how you will make our plan work. Lakshmi says I am his strength. Mahabali says you came here to end yourself. You are just a woman. She says a woman gives life and she will end you too.

Nandu attacks Kamdev. Rati says stop. She recalls their moments together. Nandi says he is not your husband. She syas yes I know he is just darkness made from his ashes. I will face him the first. Kamdev says go from here. She says I won’t let you do this. He tries to attack her with fire but Nandi stop him. He turns into ashes again.

Vishnu says you can’t do anything. Mahabali says kill me then. He says Shiv will do that. Lakshmi says but first a woman will attack you. She attacks him with fire. She becomes two. Mahabali sayas this is gonna be interesging. She tries to attack her but they all attack him together. Mahabali defends with his sword. He attacks Lakshmi. He says you can’t challenge me.
Nandi says the have done it. Rati tries to pick the ashes. She screams. indradev turns back. Kamdev comes back. He says you can’t stop me. Indra picks the fire between parvaati and shiv. He attacks Kamdev with it but everyone else burns. He says mata kali please ssave your child.
He runs with it. Parvati comes out. Nandi says where is my seed? He says.. Rati comes. She says this all happened because of me I cursed you. She tells her everything. She says i will turn him into ashes. She turns into MahaKali.

Precap-Indra is running with the seed.
Kamdev is running after him. Kali comes there. She says you can’t take a child from mother. This is your end.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Balaji

    Something is wrong. is the name really Mahabali in serial? but In real , it is not. Mahabali is the grandson of Prahlath who was great devotee of lord vishnu and reason of Narasimha avatar. Mahabali is good at ethics though he was demon as his grandfather. Lord Vishnu took Vamana Avatar to sent Mahabali to pathol log back alive as he got pride and tried to conquer all the worlds.

    1. Its taraksur not mahabali … The child will lord Muruga

    2. Its taraksur not mahabali … The child will be lord Muruga

  2. I believe the name of the asur is Tarakasur instead of Mahabali.

  3. Ys his name is mahabali tarkasur.. bt this story is a bit twisted.. in real version agni will take the divine light born out of shiv-parvathi union nd hand over to ganga where it will turn to 6 kids later on taken careby 6 divinr ladies named kritikas… tats the reason y lord murug got the name karthikeya nd skanda nd kumara

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