Mahakaali 14th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Mahalsa feels pain

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Mahakaali 14th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Apasmar says my magic will always work on Mahakali. He says Mahadev never killed me before, Shiv says you didn’t do this mistake before. This time you wont be pardoned. Mahadev comes towards him in anger. Apasmar says if you kill me there will be trouble in while universe. He runs. Shiv comes in front of him. He is everywhere Apasmar runs. Apasmar runs here and there and says please forgive me. He goes to a cliff. Shiv breaks that cliff.
Mahalsa feels something. Ganesh says to Vishnu mata is in trouble. I need to go there. Apasmar is doing magic on him. Apasmar says you can’t kill me. Vishnu says we have to stop him. Vishnu comes there and says please stop Mahadev.

Vishnu says we have to stop him. Shiv says he has given Parvati trouble. Apasmar says see I told you you can’t kill me.
Mahalsa feels pain in her hand and body. Her mom asks what happened? Vishnu says to Shiv go to Mahalsa she needs you. Shiv says I will kill Apasmar first. He sees Mahakali saying we should control eager to kill someone on anger. She syas I came here to stop you from doing this in anger. Apasmar cant’ harm mahalsa. Shiv stops.
Ganesh is worried.

Ganesh says what can we do. Vishnu says Mahadev will handle everything. Mahalsa’s hands re hurt. she faints. Shiv holds her. Mahalsa opens her eyes. SHe looks at Shiv. He says I will hold you when you fall. Shiv and Mahakali move towards Apasmar. He says you can’t kill me. Let me go. Shiv says you have to die today. Apasmar says you can’t kill me. Shiv syas you will pay for your sins. Mahakali and SHiv make a triangle around him.

Shiv sees Mahalsa in trouble. He holds her hand. She says I don’t know whats happening with me. He says don’t worry. She asks whats your name? He says Matand. He says yes Matand Mahalsa.
Apaasmar tries to run but he can’t. Shiv beats his drum its hurts Apasmar. He says please stop Mahadev. He says don’t do this or you know what will happen you can’t kill me.
Kartika says what will happen? Vishnhu says Matand is trying to make Mahalsa recall. mahalsa says I dont’ know what I am trying to remember but I can’t. Matand says you have to know what you actually are. He says let your emotions flow. He gives a mud to her. She makes pot from it.
Apasmar says let me go Mahadev.
Mahalsa closes her eyes and makes something from the mu Mahalsa says who is she? Shiv does tandav. Mahalsa opens her eyes. She has made Mahadev. She is dazed,
Mahakali says to Shiva he needs to die first. Apasamar says pplease forgive me. In muy ego I forgot everything. Mahakali says time to go.

Mahalsa looks at the idol she made. Matanda says try to recall what it tells you. Ganga comes to Ganesh. She says this is all because of me.

Precap-Maha dev and Mahakali to go against each other.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Chanu

    thank you soo much for updates dr. keep writing
    be happy always

  2. This question is for mahira didi the question is may you please tell me about kaalnemi demon. Please di please.

    1. Kamalanayani
      Check out this… Something that I have found…

      1. thank you Di. I want to ask you one more thing that is what is the story of mangal dev. I can’t understand that there is two different story of mangal dev. First story tells that mangal dev is son of varah dev and bhoodevi and the other story tells that mangal dev is son of mahadev and bhoodevi. So what is the true story. Please tell me.

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