Mahakaali 13th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Parvati heals all the kids

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Mahakaali 13th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Parvati says how dare jarasur attack my kids.
Ganesh says ma please don’t worry about me. Those mothers need you more. they are in need. Parvato says you are right. All those kids and mothers need justice and I will give them that. she goes to the valley where Jarasur is.
Jarasur burns people. The kids screams mata save us. Mahakali comes there and says get ready for your end Jarasuer. He says there is a lot about me that you dont know. His asurs attack Kali while he run. Kali fights them all. Mahakali comes after him. He says Bharamdev promised that no one can enter this cave except kids. Parvati says recall what he said. Kali says you harmed kids and you will pay for it. He says I will kill all the kids. You can’t stop me. Parvati comes back to Kelash.

Kartika says why are you back? Shiv says we can’t end him right now. Parvati says only a child can enter his cave. Ganesh says thenn I will go there. Parvati says you can’t go. He says I can. Parvati hugs him. She says you don’t need to face him. I know what will bring him out. He says what solution mata? She says you will know soon. We will bring him out. Parvati says he can’t be harming kids anymore.

Jharasur laughs. He says no one can stop me. He lits his fire. someone comes in. He says only kids can enter here if you have dared you will die. The light says but I am a child. The child is shiv. Jharasur tries to harm him but he throws his trishul. The entire cave burns. Shiv comes there. Shiv says you can’t understand power of a child Jharasur. Mahakali will kill you.
Parvati sees the color on moutains of Kelash. Kartika says ma please don something. Parvati stops it. Parvati comes in her new face. She heals Ganesh. All the mothers are worried for their kids. Parvati heals all the kids. All mothers hug their kids. She comes therre. Shiv says she is here to make you see the consequences off your sins. parvati says you tried to harm kids. Now get ready for your fate. Shiv attacks him. Jarasur tries fighthing him but he falls down. He dies.
Shiv says there is someone who he has affected. Lakshmi comes there. Parvati says narain? She says yes. Lakshmi says he is not well due to all that Jharasur did. Shiv says if anyone disturbs him during his yogata he will be harmed too. We have to wait.

Scene 2
Diti says to someone I was so wrong going against Mahadev and Parvati. Her son says but they all died. She says that had nothing to do with Mahadev. She syas to her son adi, she says like me never let anger takeover you. He locks her. She says what are you doing. Leave me Adi. He says I wont. He recalls that mahakali killed his father. He says I know their powerss. I will take more powerss and avenge my father’s death. She says stop. He leaves.

Shiv is worried. He says two powers will meet together. One power is dark adn other is not dark.
Two asurs wake up. Madhu says after so many years we are alive Kedum. He says yes Vishnu is in his yogata. No one can stop her. We have to go to earth now. Parvati says I have to go there and stop them. She leaves.
He comes to bharamlok; Parvati stops them. madhu says if someone stops us he will face the consequences of it. Parvait says yoou can’t go in there.
Parvati comes to a man who is praying. She says I will give you something for being such a good human. He says I know you are not Mata Parvati. He comes to Diti in Face of Parvati. He says now Mahakali will be avenged for the murder of my father.
He says to the man you have to help me. The man agrees.
Precap-Adi is son of Andhak. He comes to Kelash.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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