Mahabharata ff part 53

The episode starts with Duryodhan showing chains and handcuff to everyone. bhishma says look towards the seriousness of the situations.. give away ur ego… Duryodhan says u are a coward. You all fear this Krishna n i don’t. And i can show u that. duryodhan calls his soldier an orders them imprison Krishna. ,

Krishna says you will imprison me, u stupid human! go ahead try this as well ? mamashri go ahead try this imprison me. Shakuni gets afraid as Krishna looks at him pointedly. the soldiers come with handcuffs. Krishna looks at them with smirk. suddenly the soldiers find it very heavy to carry the chains. Duryodhan orders more soldiers. all the soldiers present in the sabha try it but fail. Krishna laughs and says ur soldiers cant carry these cuffs which indicate ur evilness so u need to carry them on ur own. lets see till wat extend u can carry the burden of evilness.. duryodhan goes n lifts the handcuffs very easily n goes to Krishna, but karna stops him n says Krishna is here for peace don’t do this.. but duryodhan doesn’t listen n puts the handcuffs on Krishna n then pulls him n takes him to the prison n pushes Krishna inside the prison snatches the lock from guard n locks Krishna inside. He turns back and looks up in place of Krishna he finds his brother dushasan in the prison ???. Duryodhan gets shocked and starts running away.

he finds every person near him looking like Krishna, the soldiers, the servants.. he runs away but still every person besides him looking alike to Krishna including guru drona, karna, bhishma, all look like Krishna.. even shakuni n mahamantri Vidura every single person.. duryodhan loses his calm he falls down.. he looks up he find himself in Krishna’s feet. he gets shocked n moves away and starts running away like a fool. he feels like Krishna is chasing him and falls. He looks up again and finds himself ant size in Krishna’s feet n Krishna hits him. duryodhan screams.

duryodhan wakes up. He looks around. he finds everything back to normal. He walks towards shakuni, karna, everybody to ensure whether they are the same as he can see. Everything is normal. duryodhan comes back to Krishna n says wat kind of evil magic was this Krishna? Krishna says it was the future u will be to chased to death similarly n Krishna walks away.

Duryodhan loses his calm n starts behaving very annoyingly. Karna asks what happened? Duryodhan says get ready with the army we will now go for war. i will kill that Krishna. Vidur says u mad person u have crossed all ur limits now. If u still have some brains go and ask for forgiveness. Duryodhan says i will never ask any one for forgiveness never u all are scared of that Krishna I’m gonna kill him. i need no one of u. I’m strong enough to fight that Krishna.. Bhishm says thousands of demons couldn’t kill him and you will kill him. guru dron says Dhitrashtra stop ur son or he will again spoil everything. vidhur says Krishna is still here lets go n ask for forgiveness.. bhishma says its of no use now destruction of hastinapur is for sure neither guru Drona’s intelligence nor Karna’s strength will save us.

Krishna is stopped by kunti she ask did duryodhan try to imprison u Krishna says yes.. kunti says maharani gandhari is here to ask u for forgiveness. Krishna says Duryodhan’s evilness has crossed all the limits so this is of no use now. Your forgiveness can’t change him now. maharani says plz don’t get angry on him……Krishna says i pity duryodhan because he doesn’t know that the path he is following will lead him to destruction.. maharani says plz save my Child. i think karna can help u in this Krishna says if karna draws himself back may be duryodhan will know that he is going wrong n the person who can convince karna is his mother and no one else. Vidur comes and stops Krishna. He asks him to have food at his place before leaving.

Karna is informed by Krishna that he is Kunti’s son. Karna is shocked.

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