Mahabharata ff part 43 (Kichak’s death)

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The episode starts with Duryodhan along with shakuni n his bros coming to matsya… King Virat welcomes them unwantedly and asks them the reason behind comin at an unexpected tym. Shakuni says we’ve come here finding the pandavas and Draupadi… Virat says there’re no pandvas n draupadi here. Duryodhan says they’re here only. Virat says Oki Ill check out all d travellers list who came last year.
Duriodhan n shakuni r sitting with kichak. Kichak thinks the way they’re describing Draupadi it seems lyk these all features match with Sairandri.. He excuses himself n goes out.

Draupadi notices Duryodhan and shakuni walkin in d corridor and hides.. What’re they doing here?? Did Dey get to know of us hiding here… Noooo this Shouldn’t happen. Kichak comes from behind n pulls her behind the curtain.
Draupadi- what’s this insolence? Don’t u have any manners?
KiChak- what say shall I call u, Sairandri or something else, perhaps Panchali, perhaps Yagnaseni Draupadi???? Draupadi looks at Him with wide eyes ?. Nooooo nooooo nooooo… What do u want..?
Kichak-you in my Room in d evening.

Wen u can Marry five men then what’s d prob in one more…
Draupadi- you’re crossing ur limits ….
Kichak-OKay I’m going to tell duryo….
Kichak- Yeah…

Draupadi goes thinking to inform d pandavas somehow of this new prob.
In d sabha Arjun is teaching Utara to dance. Draupadi points at him to meet her…
Pandavas r gathered in wonder why Draupadi called them urgently. Draupadi comes then. Day by day that kichak is becoming a big problem..
Bheem – what?? What did he do nw? Tell me, I’ll kill him right away..
Draupadi – he got to know that I’m Draupadi….
Arjun – what!!! When!!. How!!.

Nakul-that means we’ve to kill him..
Bheem – what else did he say?
Draupadi – he has called me in his room tonight..
Arjun – then we can kill him.
Bheem- how??
Arjun – I’ve a plan..
⭐ In The Palace …
Arjun beats d drum loudly N asks Utara to dance. Utara says I’m tired why at this tym? Arjun says Dance will tk out ur tiredness out. Utara starts to dance.

⭐ In Kichak’s room…
Draupadi comes. Kichak says good… Draupadi says you’re welcoming ur death inside, r u sure i should cum? Kichak gets up.. Draupadi says darkness will come in ur life. Kichak picks the fire torch n lights it. Now d darkness is over..bheem comes n says the real darkness will get over only now.. Kichak shouts.. Who’re you..????? Where’re the soldiers.?? Draupadi says shout more louder kichak, nobody will hear ur voice in this drum music ? ?.. Kichak says u’ll suffer.. Leave me.. Bheem says if I’d t to leave u y would I’ve caught u?? He pulls kichak n beats him up. A terrible ferocious fight breaks between d two. Bheem pulls Kichak down the bed n beats him. Kichak finally dies..
Shakuni tells Duryodhan that if d pandavas r hiding here only they’ll come out wen they’ll get panicked..

Precap:- suspense

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  1. Padmaja

    Wow kichaks death…. eagerly waiting for next part (surprise)… pls update it asap dearie ??.
    Love u a loads dearie ????

    1. Vanshika

      Thanks akka love u too akka suspense unravelled soon

  2. Thanmathi

    Thank God at last got time to read hate that kichak how dare he behave like that to draupadi. Poor uthraa dancing in midnight?. Waiting for suspense to break dearie. So sorry for late comment dear

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