Mahabharata ff part 42

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The epi starts with d pandavas and Draupadi changing their attire. Bheem says Arjun u r lookin very funny, have u worn Draupadi’s clothes??? Arjun says same to you, how funny it is that instead of eating you’ll cook food. Bheem sys I’ll eat it after cooking. They all laugh ?.. Duryodhan sends sum men to find the pandavas asap. They must have gone to panchal maybe or sum other ally kingdom… Shakuni says the pandavas r very intelligent, we cant rely on any one point. Duryodhan nods.
Nakul n Sahdev r feeding the horses in the stables. Bheem cooks delicious ladoos and praises himself.. Draupadi as Sairandri makes the queen’s hair. Yudhishtira aka Mantri Kank is playing dice with matsya king Virat..

Utara aka the princess of matsya is shown dancing.. She sits down n says enough now,I can’t do more, I’m tired ?.. Her brother, Uttar comes there and says you girls have no other job other then dancing, this dance is useless it’ll only make u more tired ? you should practice the art of fighting instead. Utara says nobody here has asked ur opinion Uttar, this is only ur thinking, I believe that dance can make u battle against anyone. Uttar laughs. Utara says to Arjun, who’s dressed as a lady ?- see guruji what he is saying, show him the power of dance. Arjun aka Bela takes a sword n says would u lyk to see the power of dance, Raj Kumar?? Uttar too takes his sword n they engage in a fyt. Arjun jumps over him and dissuades him, dancing all throughout the fyt. Uttar is in utter confusion and in the meanwhile Arjun jumps over him and drops his sword. Utara says laugh now Uttar?? Uttar says I’ll tackle you later n goes..

The pandavas meet at the outskirts of the kingdom. Nakul says where’s Draupadi, she took long in coming today… Yudhishtira says she must b in sum work..
In palace Sairandri aka Draupadi asks the queen to go out. Maharani says go out bt b4 give this nectar to kichak.. Draupadi goes to Kichak’s room with the jug. Kicham says Sairandri u know I hate to wait still u r late? Draupadi says here is ur jug now let me go. Kichak says how do I let u go..? He holds Draupadi’s hand. Draupadi sys don’t forget that I’m already married kichak. Kichak says y don’t u tie up ur hair then?? Draupadi says don’t poke ur nose in my personal matters. She goes..

Bheem says y do we need panchali wen we’ve her duplicate here?? He points at Arjun n says ur waist is getting more n more thinner how’ll u fyt in the war lyk this..? Draupadi enters just then n says who doesn’t want me???? Bheem says it was a joke Panchali.. Arjun asks y were u late? Draupadi says Kichak………….

Bheem says I’ll kill kichak ryt now. He turns to go while Draupadi holds his hand and says noooo Arya, only fifteen more days r left now you can kill him after fifteen days..

In Hastinapur Duryodhan angrily shouts only fifteen days r left we’ve checked all kingdoms even Dwarka we’ve checked where did these pandavas hide? Shakuni says don’t worry my son I’ve a kingdom you’ve NT checked yet.. Matsya kingdom. Duryodhan says what’re we waiting for? Lets go..

Precap:-Draupadi sees duryodhan in palace n says what’s he doing here?? Did he get to know our truth? Kichak holds her hand n says what’ll I call u, Sairandri or Draupadi???

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  1. Cynthia

    Hey, its very nyc?, shud I call you di or akka? but anything is good for me☺.

    1. Vanshika

      Thanks dear u can call me whatever u wish dear ?? love you ? loads

  2. Padmaja

    Vanshu dearie…. it is just awesome…… I loved Iit very much…. precap Is soooo interesting…. waiting for the next part.. love u dearie ♥♥♥♥

  3. Preethi12345

    awesome vanshu
    omg kichak is going to know abt draupadi s identitiy
    waiting for that scene
    btw i love your ff and u also vanshu …..
    thanks 4 the the amazing ff

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