Mahabharat 9th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 9th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, Krishna asks arjun to memorise the dut game where his wife was insulted by duryodhan dushasan n mamashri n also to memorise how bhishma n guru dron n ashvathama who didn’t take any step to save draupadi n says looking at them dosent ur mind n heart ge heart don’t u feel like killing them after memorising all of this don’t u feel ashamed of these people arjun says u are right this war shd take place bcoz they hurted n insulted my family Krishna says now look back to bhishma n guru dron who have loved n saved u n supported u in every step , they are the reason ur so capable to stand here n also look at vikarna who was only one who tried to stop draupadis insult don’t u feel like attacking n killing them in war arjun says ur right again how can i kill them Krishna says wait look at ur army n supporters , ur brothers n ur sons n whole of the army some or the other will be killed in attacks ur heart doesn’t tremble n also think that ur also equally quilty by not saving ur wife does this make duryodhan the only wrong one don’t u have u n ur elder brother who also supported adharma arjun says ur right i see both dharma n adharma distributed in both the sides Krishna says this tells me u haven’t learned wat exactly dharma is arjun says all of ur points are right i don’t know what to do my hands are trembling i can see only destroy through this war Krishna says why are u scared don’t u know after night theres a day , ur duty is to fight u cant go away from that if there is destroy there will be a new beginning arjun says how can i attack , i know more have guts to fight them its not worth fighting , war takes place for new beginning but this war shows only destroy of every good aspect along with the bad Krishna says u jst look strong but in reality ur a coward , as a tree has to shed its leaves for the new ones so do humans, this war will surely lead to big destroy but remember this war will kill all the bad rules n regulations people have been following n the old right rules will emerge with new n bright light n after this war the world will emerge with a clean version , so leave behind all ur wishes n fight for the world arjun says i can hear u but don’t know how to act on ,my family is my world n u say i have to fight against them , how n wat is happening i cant understand anything plz help me get out of my wishes help me find the right path Krishna says u can do all of it by urself , think on it n u will lead on the right path all by urself u have to gain knowledge abt it.

Krishna says to arjun Its ur duty to keep aside ur fears n fight for the people n dharma..

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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