Mahabharat 8th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 8th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, draupadi asks Krishna wat abt my five kids will they die as well n asks him wat is the result of war Krishna says war has always been devastating Leaving ur five husbands all of maharaj shantanus vansh will be destroyed whole aryvarth will be destroyed, draupadi says my children who are my strength happiness they will die i was eagerly waiting for war its like i was waiting for the arrival of death of my children Krishna says humans every step has always been towards death , every aspect of life takes man towards his death during cyclone every leaf tries to be with the tree in this hard time n later falls down similarly its with humans u have to learn to be happy with every state of life draupadi says wat happiness will i get through this war Krishna says this war was never meant to give u happiness or fulfil u it was to bring back dharma draupadi says why shd i give away all my happiness for this Krishna says its gods choice u will have to fight against it its not ur duty but ur responsibility u can leave this anytime but life will remain of no use n no one will be benifited by the god gifted powers of urs n the faith in u will be lost now its ur choice to be useful to world or waste ur powers.

Draupadi goes back to castle she finds subhadra n uttara getting ready for the marriage ceremony subhadra calls draupadi n shows her the gifts to be given to uttara n asks her to give them to uttara , drauapdi walks away from there still thinking abt wat Krishna told her she finds bheem n his son n soon comes their arjun n his two sons they all share ladus ,nakul shadev yudishtir comes there n yudishtir asks does anybody knows without bending ur arms how to eat ladus all the rajkumars try hard meanwhile abhimanyu sees draupadi hegoes to her n asks her the ans to yudishtirs questions, n takes her along with him , draupadi lifts one ladu n feeds it to abhimanyu looking at that all brothers feed eachother ladus n draupadi begins to cry looking at this all rajkumars hug her .

Krishna is busy planting a sapling in the farms draupadi goes to him Krishna asks her wat is ur decision draupadi says the sapling u planted u cant uproot it so how can i see my children death i can at once forget my revenge my wealth everything but can’t see my children dying on Warfield so i don’t want this war to take place .

Bhishma asks dritrashtra to ask gandhar raj to return gandhar for welfare of hastinapur, mahamantri vidhur asks gandhar raj to leave hastinapur according to dritrashtras order.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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