Mahabharat 8th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 8th January 2014 Written Episode, Mahabharat 8th January 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Krishna and Rukmini taking a stroll in the beaches of Dwaraka. Rukmini is sad that she wouldn’t be seeing Arjun and his brothers or Kunti anymore, as she wipes her tears, Krishna asks her to look back at the footprints. As she looks the footprints are washed off by waves of water. Krishna asks her if their footprints are wiped off, does it mean that they have died?

Rukmini gets the clue and asks him if they are alive. Krishna doesn’t give the direct answer. Rukmini wants to know then he says that it is important for them to not show themselves for a while, giving a chance for Adharma to rise so high that it requires an incarnation of god to put a fullstop to it. He talks about a king’f failed duty to his citizens and his selfishness to his own wellbeing which makes him very bad. For that to happen these people have to lie low for sometime and also he is sure that he will meet them soon at Panchal.

Rukmini asks what is going to happen at Panchal. Krishna says that a sakthi is going to come alive and he needs to be there to bless that. Also he says that, that Sakthi is required for the pandavas to fight adharma.

At panchal, the sages are being tortured. One of the sages who is made to work falls down and asks for water. Shikandini gives him water. Draupad comes there and kicks off that water. He orders her not to give them water. Shikandini says that it will lead to paap. But Draupad says that they are incapable of giving him a son so they aren’t any sages.. The sage says that they will not be able to do any yagna to give him a son as he has no destiny for a son. He will get only daughters. Draupad gets angry and is about to kill that sage

Another two sages come there (I didn’t get their names) they ask him to stop and tell him that they are ready to perform a yagna for him. Draupad is happy. But the sages tell him that the yagna will yield him only a daughter and he has to crown only a princess in order to get a son. Draupad is again confused. He talks ill of the incapabilities and uselessness of a daughter, keeping Shikandini in front of him. Shikandini is feeling very hurt.

The sages again tell him that he will get a daughter in yagna and he has to honour one of his daughters and that only will give him a son.

At the forest, The Pandavas live a simple life, Arjun and Nakul fetch fruits and vegetables from the nearby village. Bheem is clearing off the place to make a house for them. Yudi is trying to start fire and Sahadev is collecting woods. Kunti is upset.

The sons go to her and try to make her smile. Bheem says that Dury can only chase them away from Hastinapur but he cannot chase happiness away from them as Bheem will be happy as long as he gets something to eat.

Kunti shares the fruits among all of them and is still sad. Arjun tells her about how Bhishm asked them to eat without bending their elbows. She is blinking about the puzzle when all her sons feed her. she smiles at them. Arjun says as long as they are together, there is no need for tears and there is no need ot bend their elbows. Pandavas and kunti keep feeding eachother

A light moment between Nakul and Bheem when Nakul says that he alone cannot feed Bheem, others need to give him a helping hand.

The episode ends at the happy faces of pandavas.

Precap: The sages tell the pandavas who are in disguise that Draupad is doing a yagna to win the pandavas and take his revenge on Dron. We get a glimpse of the yagna and Draupad asking for a son.

Update Credit to: Abavi

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