Mahabharat 8th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 8th April 2014 Written Episode, Mahabharat 8th April 2014 Written Update

The episode begins with arjun saying the way i have blown off all the lights in the sabha we the pandavas will darken ur life maharaj dirtrashtra. All brothers (4 pandavas) ask yudishtir to give them permission to kill duryodhan or else take away their lives. Bhishma n mahamantri says hastina pur sabha has never seen such scene in the sabha of adharma u(duryodhan)shd have kept some limits in the sabha.

On this duryodhan says ask yudishtir doesn’t a swami(boss) have the right to punish his slaves on this draupadi says im not ur slave ,a slave is won through power n not in this way, duryodhan asks king samrat dirtrashtra to look at the way a dasi is behaving with him,on this bhishma says enough of it duryodhan i(bhishma) will be leaving this sabha at this moment on this dirtrashtra says u

cant bhishma u had promised u will never leave me n my children ,forcefully bhishma sits down n says draupadi u are now declared as a dasi(slave).

Mahamantri says though draupadi has been declared slave , nevastra is not an option n this sabha or any other sabha never had such rule which would insult a lady on this karna saya then was neshastra(taking away weapons) a rule ,we had to face this is in yudishtirs sabha which was meant to just insult us soldiers, soldiers says draupadi if u wer a soldier u wouldn’t be in the game,karna abt to say something is stopped by guru dron saying don’t argue.
Mamashri says for time being let the vastra haran(removing of clothes), forget it. Duryodhan abt to disagree but mamashri says ask bhishma n all the people including guru dron n pandavas to give away there weapons to u n come in ur sharan(side), duryodhan says do as mamashri says n i shall think on forgiving draupadi. All the sabha agrees to it n give away all their weapons n lean down in shame .

Bhishma says we all have given up all r weapons now forgive draupadi, duryodhan says i said i shall but since u r now jst as my mere slaves ,i will not forgive draupadi n orders dushasan to pull off draupadis clothes, but dushasan is stopped by vikarn(duryodhans brother) saying don’t do this,since duryodhan is a king now if he does so whole praja(public)will hate him.dushasan says vikarna whose side are u ,on this vikarna says im not taking side don’t forget draupadi is a kulvadhu u cant insult her karna says kulvadhu a kulvadhu is not one who marries five men such women is called pr*stitute.

Bhishma n guru dron try telling duryodhan not to do so n whole sabha is in chaos, draupadi asks all of them to keep mon(shut up), wen they couldn’t stop this situation from arising n wen it arised u said its dharma n couldn’t stop why speak now im (draupadi) ready to fall duryodhans orders ,come dushasan show ur guts,she joins her hand stand in the middle of sabha n memorises her friend govind(lord krishna),dushasan takes hold of draupadis saree…..n Krishna is shown in tears…!!!

PRECAP: Dushasan starts pulling off draupadis clothes ,but suddenly lot of breeze blows across the sabha n as dushasan unwinds draupadis saree a cloth comes from above winding itself around draupadi(this cloth is wat Krishna done to save draupadi)….!!!!!!

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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