Mahabharat 6th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 6th November 2013 Written Episode, Mahabharat 6th November 2013 Written Update

Today’s episode begins with Kunti and other women of the household in Hastinapur’s kitchen. Kunti is feeling worried, Dussala asks her what is wrong. Kunti tells Gandhari she feels something bad has happened. Suddenly, Sahadev runs in and asks Kunti if she has seen Bhima. Kunti asks wasn’t he with them? Sahdev replies that he was,but now he can’t be found. Sahdev also says he feels something bad has happened. Then Dussala remembers that she saw Bhima going somewhere with Duryodhan. Gandhari says there is no reason to be worried if he has gone with Duryodhan [YEAH RIGHT!] Kunti doesn’t look convinced, and wonders if something has happened to the both of them. Kunti tells Sahdev to ask Arjun to look for them.

Over at Pramankoti, Bhima has just finished drinking the kheer. Duryodhan looks on happily while Bhima starts feeling unwell. He goes dizzy and falls unconscious on the floor. Duryodhan starts panicking and shouts for Shakuni. Shakuni comes and checks Bhima’s breathing and laughs. He tells Duryodhan he has placed his first step towards establishing his kingship. He tells Duryodhan they must push Bhima into the river Ganga. Duryodhan becomes anxious realising that Bhima is dead. Shakuni tells him not to be afraid since death comes for everyone.

Scene shifts to Krishna, building a tower/box. He says the greed of the kingdom is always in people’s hearts. Everyone tries to make a kingdom of their own, be it a huge one like Kururashta or a small one such as your own family. Everyone tries to establish their own rulership over their kingdom. But, what is the real meaning of ruling? Krishna says one person who aims to control people’s actions experiences the same amount of ruler-ship, and that satta really means the level of influence we have on other people’s lives. Krishna asks whether influence, love, mercy, compassion aren’t built from dharma. Krishna says whenever people aim to obtain power from adharma and cruelty, they end up establishing opposition and revolt. He says the result is a bit like this…and breaks the tower. Krishna says these people feel that they are all powerful for a little while,but this isn’t true power. This is why brahmans like Rishi Brigu and Rishi Vashisht are still respected, unlike Raavan and Hrianyakashap.

Back to Hastinapur, Dronacharya tells Dhritrashta that he has come to be the Guru of the Hastinapur princes. Vidhur says that under Dronacharya’s guidance the princes will become the best warriors on earth. Vidhur says that Dhritrashta’s only condition is that he teaches only the Kuru princes (i.e. the Kauravas and Pandavas) and doesn’t take any outsiders as his students. Dronacharya agrees to this but says that his son Ashwathama will also learn with the princes. Bhishma agrees to this. Vidhur says that they will soon build an ashram within Hastinapur, for Dronacharya and his family to live in, and where he can also teach the princes. Drona interrupts saying that the ashram will be built far away from Hastinapur. Dhritrashta says that he will not allow this. Drona replies that he won’t be able to take them as his students then. Dhritrashata says that everyone knows about the insult done to you and says that no other kingdom has the power that Hastinapur has, he advises Drona to rethink his decision. Drona says his past and the insult done to him are his treasures and that his is not out looking for shelter. Drona says he will have to go elsewhere to look for students since it seems Kuru princes are more attached to palace comforts than obtaining knowledge.

Drona asks for permission to leave and storms out. Dhritrashta tells Vidhur to look for another teacher. Outside the palace Kripacharya stops Drona from leaving. Kripa tells Drona to stop being stubborn as he won’t get another opportunity like this. Kripa says it is your job to obtain wealth for my sister and nephew. How long will my nephew drink flour and sugar, pretending it is milk. Drona says that his is well aware of the difficulties his wife and son are facing. Drona is confident that the Kuru princes will be his students.

Back at Pramankoti, Duryodhan and Shakuni are dragging Bhima towards the Ganga river. Suddenly they hear a noise and see Arjun coming towards them riding a horse. They drag Bhima in the opposite direction. Arjun gets off his horse and comes to investigate. Shakuni hides, while Duryodhan pulls Bhima into the river. Arjun hears the splash and looks outside but doesn’t see anyone.

In the Ganga, Duryodhan and Bhima are falling. Duryodhan lets go of Bhima and swims back to the surface.

Outside the palace of Hastinapur the army has been assembled. Bhishma tells the soldiers to look for Bhima.

In the palace mandir, Kunti is praying to Mahadev for Bhima to return safely. She places a flaming pot on her head and stands on one foot while praying.Then she calls for Vayu dev. Kunti tells him that he had promised to look out for Bhima.

Back in the Ganga, Bhima is still falling. Suddenly a snake comes towards him.

Precap: Shakuni is telling the Raaj sabha that some ornaments were found in a cave. He says he fears they belong to Bhima. In the mandir, Kunti screams Bhima’s name, and faints. The pandavs come and they have tears in their eyes.

Update Credit to: Bhavaani

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