Mahabharat 6th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 6th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, dritrashtra says tomorrow my son duryodhan wil take revenge of my 99 sons n this is bcoz of gandhari when she had taken the step of blind fold i was upset but this step of hers has helped me, sanjay says ur right maharaj now duryodhan had powers equal to lord hanuman, dritrashtra says go tell vidhur to light whole hastinapur n with duryodhans victory tomorrow i will declare diputsav so go make arrangements for that.
Bheem melts all of his gadha n makes one powerfulone, draupadi comes n says u will win for sure bheem bcoz we are fighting for good n that is dharma, remember one thing strength is not in weapon but in the hands who lift it, draupadi applies turmeric on bheems hand n says a humans strength is in his sankalp i.e in his mind n that will help u, this war has made us sacrifice a lot n this will end with duryodhans end, bheem says it started with that adharmi dut sabha n will end tomorrow , n it will be a new beginning n u will be the new queen n dharma will be back n followed in its right way.
Bheem n duryodhan get ready for war, duryodhan names shalya the senapati of kauravas, shalya laughs , duryodhan says shalya its not ur greatness but ur punishment, shalya says ur inviting ur death , duryodhan laughs n says thats not possible today i will kill ur nephews n their brothers since from today im the unstoppable n will not let anyone touch my mamashri ,remember now im the strongest n those pandavas are week n so their end is for sure, gandhari goes to duryodhan n gives him blessings, she says my victory is in ur victory, duryodhan says it is bcoz of u mother that im so strong n i will take revenge of my brothers, even if i have to die i will not surrender n i will die only when i hear the news of the death of five pandavas so u don’t worry mother ur son will surely win.
Pandavas get ready for war, krishna says bheem don’t get overconfident, bheem says duryodhan has no one left n duryodhan has no guts, krishna says don’t think ur enemy is week , don’t do this fault, keep thi s in mind.
Day 18:
Duryodhan says shalya give the orders to attack, war begins, duryodhan says bheem today ur death is sure through my hands, bheem says i died when u insulted drauapadi , remember ur 99 brothers death n attacks duryodhan but nothing happens to duryodhan bheem tries harder but fails, duryodhan says while dying each my brother gave me their strength n so today also u shd face 100 dritrashtra sons, duryodhan attacks bheem , bheem couldn’t bear the attack n falls on ground,duryodhan says i heard u have 100 elephants strength but i wish u had atleast one of their brains as well, bheem gets angry n attacks back but each attack of his fails, duryodhan laughs n starts hitting bheem, duryodhan says bheem today u cant kill me n listen pandavas till today u were safe bcoz of this bheem now look how i kill him n i promise i will kill u all only after i kill bheem, look at ur strongest brother who slowly will die through my hands.

Krishna says arjun u start attacking mamashri shakuni seeing this he will surely call duryodhan for help n this will divert duryodhan from bheem.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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