Mahabharat 5th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 5th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, arjun Krishna subhadra n abhimanyu returning virat draupadi stops them from entering n asks abhimanyu to introduce himself fbefore entering nakul says his arjuns son draupadi says i know that still introduce urself abhimanyu says im the reason behind my fathers victory strength of my brothers n the one who will fight for mt mother draupadis revenge , draupadi is impressed by this answer n hugs abhimanyu .

Dritrashtra is discussing abt his children future to astrologer , he says dritrashtra if ur children have embraced money instead of god their death is sure , their time of death has come near now u have to make urself strong to face this n not only one person but whole of ur vansh will die n only those will live who belive in god this information upsets dritrashtra n gandhari n they find it hard to believe the future gandhari asks weather there is any way of saving her children , mharishi says u can save only one of ur child but not all gandhari says how is tat possible all 100 are my children how can i save only one maharshi says saving one of them is also difficult n whom to n how to save is ur choice.

Krishna pandavas n virats royal family all are having food, utara virats princess finds abhimanyu charming Krishna notices tat he asks maharani of virat why hasn’t uttara yet been married maharani says we were going to arrange swayamvar for her but u declared war , Krishna says arrange for her marriage before war n i know a good choice for her n its abhimanyu , maharaj virat agrees with Krishna n so dose arjun draupadi n others . but maharani says u cant agree to this i think we shd wait till war ends if pandavas lose uttars future will be endangered Krishna says y are u so sure abt pandavas defeat i trust time n pandavas i promise u uttara will give birth to a reason of the first episode of new era n uttara will lead the way to peace.

Draupadi ties a bracelet in abhimanyus hand saying its a sign that all of pandavas will protect u but the bracelet breaks down….

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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