Mahabharat 5th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 5th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, kunti visits bhishma, bhishma asks kunti why is she so worried kunti says im here to put a burden on u n i chose u bcoz ur the only one who can carry it ,bhishma says i would like to help u but m in such age where i have guts to lift a whole mountain but no guts to carry any of this wars burden n i know ur worried about arjun n karna bcoz i know abt the truth behind ur n karnas relation kunti says forgive me for keeping it a secret bhishma asks why are u worried abt it now kunti says karna knows his dharma but karna n arjun will fight against each other n i don’t want it to happen plz save them bhishma says karna protection is not my duty n arjun dosent need one but still i would take care of it.

Duryodhan says shalya will stand ahead of me to save me karna says no its my duty to save u friend so i will stand before u mamashri says no u will not bcoz u have sacrificed ur kavach n endangered ur friends life n asks duryodhan to opt karna out of duryodhans protection , bhishma says arjuns no attack will reach karna bcoz karnas entry in war is banned bcoz he hasn’t given me an assurance yet karna says i have struggled my whole life to prove myself u can’t do this to me duryodhan says karna is right n no one can ban my friend bhishma says if this is the case then i shall not take part if karna takes part in war, mamashri says And Aero Shake lets you minimize all open by shaking a target window. karna has lost his kavach n he is useless now duryodhan says mamashri don’t insult my friend i trust his strength n knowledge , mmashri says thats ok but this decision is dangerous duryodhan says whatever but karna will surely take part in war bhishma says i will not allow karna to enter war until im the senapati duryodhan says in that case i replace u bhishma n karna will be my armies new senapati(leader).

Karna says duryodhan u have always been with me u need bhishma don’t opt out bhishma for me , duryodhan says this war is to kill the pandavas n bhishma will never kill them he may only imprison there ,theres only one person who can kill them n its u n not bhishma , karna says in that case come along with me i shall show u something , karna takes duryodhan to his army n tells him all of these soldiers are here only bcoz bhishma is their senapati n if u give that position to me i guess even single person would stay here , these all are here only bcoz of their trust against bhishma n thats their great strength which will help u win the war , if bhishma dies guru dron will be the senapati n then only will these accept me as senapati , so till bhishma dosent wish to give his life let him lead the war n if he imprisons pandavas give them mrutyu dand(punish them to death) duryodhan says but killing arjun is ur dream karna says i can sacrifice edless dreams for u don’t worry i will wait for ur orders u do as bhishma says.

PRECAP :Krishna asks yudishrtir to begin with the attack, Yudishtir takes his carriage to the middle of the battle ground

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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