Mahabharat 5th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 5th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,mamashri says duryodhans this situation is bcoz of Krishna,gandhari says no my son cant die i have sacrificed all my prayers n if even after this my son cany live i will give my life, mamashri says Krishna in no way i will let u win. Krishna says i will wait for ur answer i haven’t si=een a player like u n if u concentrated on dharma u would be grt person but adharma has made u the grtest evil person.
Mamashri says ashvathama ur blood is pure since ur Brahman, ashvathama says indeed, mamashri says go to tirth shetra , all my life i have struggled to defeat Krishna n i cant see him win n for Krishna to lose duryodhan shd kill pandavas n for this reason go to the place n call krishnas bandhan on war field .
Ashvathama goes to the bandhan who is krishnas elder brother balram. Dritrashtra lifts his weapon to go to warfield vidhur stops him saying ur not in condition to go their, dritrashtra says Krishna is destroying my son i cant wait here n see that, i will go to war field n kill bheem n take revenge of my 99 sons,sanjay informs dritrashtra that balram is entering warfield to stop Krishna.
Krishna worshipping god sees his brother balram n says welcome i was sure u will come here, balram says im here to stop u, don’t forget u thought me to accept the bounds as human, Krishna says at times we need to break the bound, balram says i don’t accept this u trapped guru dron, bhishma, karna but i didn’t stop u but now ur troubling a mother by this humans will lose trust on god,Krishna says how is that so dangerous, balram says it was a mothers prayers n u cunningly diverted it n now answer me why did u allow this war when everything could be done easily, Krishna says if im knowledge ur its idol, ur like my shelter n u know everything, balram says answer my question i know nothing, Krishna says humans don’t understand the true value befor they pay for it, Krishna says wat is ur order brother, balram says i know why shakuni called me to create a bandhan for u but that fool dosent know im ur sevak n jst in human form as ur elder brother, n i want u to let pandavas earn their win n so u don’t discuss anything abt duryodhans state, Krishna says as u say elder brother i will let pandavas find their own way even if duryodhan wins i wont stop pandavas.
Mamashri n ashvathama see duryodhan , ashvathama says mamashri duryodhan will get better or not, mamashri says he will my this idea of balram will not fail, n duryodhans strong body will destroy the pandavas , ashavthama says for this duryodhan has to wake up when will he, mamashri says when his anger will reach its peak then will duryodhan wake n its right time o wake him, das start to hit duryodhan by this duryodhan gets angry n wakes up , mamashri gib=ves order to keep attacking duryodhan , duryodhans strong body dosent get injured, mamashri says duryodhan is ready completely now n congratulates duryodhan on his strong body, duryodhan says mamashri ur struggle has ended n u will see me on hastinapurs throne now.

Duryodhan attacks bheem n says see pandavas like ur brother i will kill u.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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