Mahabharat 5th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 5th April 2014 Written Episode, Mahabharat 5th April 2014 Written Update

Episodes begin with das informing draupadi to come to sabha which is maharaj duryodhans orders.draupadi says i follow only my husbands orders on this the das says that ur husband has lost u n has no more any right over u and u r now duryodhans dasi.draupadi she will not come to the sabha go tell duryodhan ,if yudishtir has lost himself he cant bet on him n i will not come to sabha.

Mahamahim says draupadi is right , duryodhan says tats not possible she is yudishtirs wealth she is not dron says man has right over money not money over man same is with yudishtir n draupadi. Karna says if guru dron is right than inthis sabha we followed the path of adharma n tat to in presence of such knowledgeable people. On this mamashri says let yudishtir answer on this,n yudishtir says if losing brothers is dharma so is losing draupadi is dharma this statement of yudishtir upsets all the pandavas.

Duryodhan orders dushasan to bring draupadi in sabha by pulling her hair,this upsets bheem and he says if dushasan touches draupadi he will kill her , duryodhan says mind ur tone das bheem on this arjun yells at duryodhan saying e has no right to orders or else adharma will take place. Mamshri says yes why not arjun do so and insult ur brother yudishtir ,n due to this arjun n bheem have to keep mum.

Dushasan enters draupadis kaksha(room) and orders her to come with him, draupadi refuses to c]go with him n asks him not to cross the limits n leaves the kaksha saying i challenge u if u have guts take me to sabha in presence of queen,n procceds towards the queens kaksha on her way dushasan pull her by her hair takes her to the rajya sabha dragging her by her hair n says u no more have any pride ego or right ur husband has lost all thisn pulls her hits her drag her on stairs n drags her puts her in feet of duryodhan.draupdi keeps murmuring n asking him to leave her but dushasan ruthlessly pull her .

All pandavas n draupadi are in anger n tears but are helpless n cant take any action on it due to principles of brother this sight bhishma and all the people are upset and in tears but bound to dharma principles so do nothing at this sight.yudishtir is shown to be ashamed of himself . but bheem on this sight says dushasan i will break ur hands who touched the purity of draupadi i will kill u. Duryodhan says dushasan i want to kill her ego show me the face of this egoistic lady….

PRECAP: Draupadi says i don’t accept any of ur orders on this duryodhan says this egoistic lady insulted me by making me neshastra (took away my sword) i will nevastra(remove all her clothes) her ……

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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