Mahabharat 4th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 4th November 2013 Written Episode, Mahabharat 4th November 2013 Written Update

Missed the opening scene..

Bheem and Duryodhan are fighting with eachother- (the first of many fights which might follow). While the Kauravas cheer, the pandavas are worriedly looking over as they are again surrounded by the kauravas crowd to stop them from interfering. Bhishma comes there at that moment (just like today’s cine police bhai’s, always at the right time), dispersing the crowd of kauravas. Bhishma punishes Duryodhan, But like a good boy, Yudi tells Bhishma that it was Bheem who provoked Duryodhan in the first place. (Isnt he a blabber mouth?) Bhishma offers to give punishment to both Bheem and Duryodhan.

The P Kids come back to Kunti’s room and tells her that Bheem has got something. Kunti asks all the 5 to share without even asking what it is.

The Five P kids share Bheem’s punishment. They keep giggling and enjoying themselves while at it which is watched by a disturbed Duryodhan and his Mama Sakuni. Duryodhan expresses that they are so united like the five fingers of the fist. Sakuni gives him hint to seperate them. Duryodhan fixes Bheem as his first target.

Kunti comes to know about the punishment and asks the kids. Bheem tells that only he got a punishment from Bhishma and the rest of them got from her- and then goes on to explain her. She wants to know what happened exactly that Bhishma gave Bheem punishment (and completely neglects the lesson that she should ask her kids the next time before asking them to share it) She chooses Yudi and asks him to tell the truth (Ha.. everyone knows this guy’s weekpoint.. He is such a blabber mouth… cant keep secrets) and he complies. Kunti advises the P Kids to be there with eachother always and all the six share a group hug (Dont they do this very often?)

Sakuni is preparing some concotion in another part of the palace, covering his nose. Duryodhan and Dushasan watch over with their masks. They learn that the concotion is a deadly poison from the land of Gandhar. Sakuni tells his frightened nephews that he will do all the thinking, and they will execute his plans.

Dushala is playing with her doll. The P kids are playing 7 stones. (Thats what we used to call this game… we gotta have two groups and one group hits the piled up 7 stones with a ball and then try to pile it up again, while the other group tries to stop it.. Ok Ok back to the update)

Bheem hits Dushala’s doll and she starts crying. Bheem asks her if she is hurt. Dushala says that it was her baby who is hurt. Bheem tries to tell her that it is just a doll. Dushala is adamant that her baby is very much hurt. Arjuna tells that Bheem will pacify her baby. Bheem is bemused. Nakul and Sahadev join Arjun and cheer for Bheem. Finally Yudi tells Bheem that he needs to pacify and Bheem offers to give his Laddu to the Baby. The D kids arrive there and they arent happy with Dushala bonding with P Kids. Finally Duryodhan arrives there too, but instead of joining with his brothers, he starts to support his cousins and asks Dushala not to trouble Bheem and orders her to give their ball back.

Dushala is angry and she throws the ball which falls into the well nearby. (The ball is by the way, a dried fruit which can float in the water) To the surprise of the other 98 K kids and 5 P Kids, Duryodhan and Dushasan keep offering to jump into the well to get back Bheem’s ball. While Bheem is overwhelmed, Arjuna looks at them with suspicion.

Intoductory scene of the Guru: Drona looks at the kids debating over who has to go into the well to fetch the ball. Drona picks some twig nearby and aims correctly so that the twig hits the ball which is inside the well and not even in his line of vision. The kids look at him with baffled expressions. Drona aims another twig and this time, the twig goes and hits the already erected twig. while he starts walking towards them, every time he throws the twig, it keeps hitting the target and the length of the twig keeps growing. When he reaches the well he just pulls out the long stick with the ball sticking to the other end.

Precap: The same precap as friday’s. Duryodhan offers poisoned Kheer to Bheem who drinks it in full.

Update Credit to: Abavi

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