Mahabharat 4th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 4th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, kunti tells all the panadavs that karna is , wen arjun comes n says karna has given a very big sacrifice n that is he gave away his kavach n so he must be saved now bcoz such a grt warrior shd die only on war field , yudishtir says arjun is right n asks nakul n sahadev to save his life.
Maharaj shalya comes n is greeted by dushasan n ashvatama , shalya is nakul n sahadevs mamashri , dushasan dosent give shaly a chance to go to pandavas n takes him to duryodhan. Nakul n sahadev are trying hard to cure karna their knowledge about medicine help to cure karna , karna thanks nakul n sahadev for saving his life, nakul n sahadev says soon u will be thankful to us for killing u we helped u bcoz mata kunti had asked us to. Nakul n sahadev ask kunti to come with them ,kunti says she cant , sahadev says thats dangerous if she stays with duryodhan she can be harmed during war karna says don’t worry i will take care of mata kunti as if my own mother , nakul sahadev agrees n go to meet their mamashri. Nakul n sahadev find their mamashri shalya with duryodhan , they ask why is he with them mamashri says now he is also his enemy bcoz duryodhan trapped him n unknowingly fooling him saying yudishtir is welcoming him , dushasan took promise from me to be on their side , mamashri shalya says im on their side but my blessings are with u , by doing so these kauravas have shpown how weak scared n evil are they, hearing this duryodhan is about to attack shalya wen mamashri shakuni stops him, shakuni n shalya share a cold look n shakuni says i have trapped u n now ur on our side n u will have to fight against ur two nephews . nakul says shakuni i will kill u on war field shadev says this trap of urs will not succeed n we will kill u on war field.
Nakul n sahadev inform others about mamashris trap, bheem asks wat to do now kauravas have gathered lot of army who all are our well wishers arjun says bheem is right this can weaken us Krishna says if u all fight with all ur heart none of this can defeat u the power is not in army but in each person n so now its time to plan bmahamahim bhishmas death bcoz he is man of great power n till he is guiding kauravas no one can defeat duryodhan since its bhishmas duty is to save duryodhan so we need to kill bhishma we are fighting for dhrama which begins with sacrifice.

Bhishma says none of arjuns attacks should reach angraj karna.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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