Mahabharat 3rd January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Mahabharat 3rd January 2014 Written Episode, Mahabharat 3rd January 2014 Written Update

1. Arjun, Yudishtra, Nakul and Sahadev are stunned by the discovery. Nakul asks if Duryodhan has thought through this. Arjun says he has and he draws all their attention to the dead mouse. All the four realize the danger at once and rush to their mother and Bheem.

2. Bheem is about to feed his mother with poisoned Kheer but Arjun shoves his hand away at the right moment. Yudishtra informs the both of them that the Kheer is poisoned and the house is made of Larkh.

3. The pandavas are very angry and they want to get back to Hastinapur to get justice. As they walk towards the entrance of the palace, Kunti gets all the flashbacks where her sons were targeted.

4. The four brothers keep asking Yudishtra to order them to take revenge. Kunti asks Yudishtra not to give them any order as such. THe pandavas are surprised as Kunti breaks down.

5. Kunti tells her sons that she doesnt want to get back to Hastinapur. Arjun and Bheem try to tell her that it is their rightful house and Yudishtra is the crown prince. Kunti says that the people there are trying to kill them and it isnt their house. House is where you find parivaar. She took them back to Hastinapur to find a loving family and not the crown. When that love is denied to them, there is no point in returning back there. She says what Duryodhan is trying to do is to their kill them or provoke them against dharma. If they go back there, Dhritrashtra who has forgotten that he is not only the father of 100 sons but also the father of the whole kingdom, will fail to punish his sons. Pandavas will take the justice in their own hands and will go against dharma. She says that it will be either dharma or life for them and both are equal for her to survive.

6. Kunti says that breaking either of that attribute will be a punishment for her. The pandavas are sad seeing her cry. Arjun says that her tears are equivalent to ganges when it is out of happiness and its hell when it is out of pain. They will listen to what ever she says. The brothers share a hug with their mother.

7. At the other end of the palace, Puroshan and his group light the palace with fire.

Precap for monday: The palace is on fire, Pandavas and Kunto try to escape.

Update Credit to: Red

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