Mahabharat 3rd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 3rd April 2014 Written Episode, Mahabharat 3rd April 2014 Written Update

Part 1

The episode begins with samrat(king yudishtir) declaring about him leaving the game which shocks duryodhan and other kauravas and happiness to pandavas. Yudishtir leave his seat and starts proceeding towards his brother ,mamashri is tensed as well at this situation. Yudishtir is stopped by Bhishma , he says yudishtir your the samrat and im senapati of hastinapur which means im bound to follow ur orders , give me order and i will free ur brothers.this statement of bhishma brings smiles to the pandavas. Bhishma continues not only this even if u want me to punish anyone even that order of urs (of samrat) will be followed.

On this mamashri falls into the feets of samrat yudishtir and says he has lost , lost his jeevan(life) and m ready to accept any dund (punishment ) u would like to give. Yudishtir says no dund m giving no dund i forgive u n duryodhan .mamashri says even after all this how r u so down to earth samrat , n says what power in ur heart makes u so humble , life is a war n this war of life ur always stable , plaz help me and share ur knowledge of humbleness .

Yudishtir asks mamashri to get up and says its simple i always follow dharma n truth which satisfies me. Mamashri says we don’t want satisfaction , when we r with our public(praja) our pride(saman) increases.tell me samrat says mamashri how can we get garva(pride) with dharma. On this yudishtir says mango has its own sweetness it doesn’t require sugar similarly dharma has its own pride and proceeds towards his brothers.

On this mamashri says samrat u never lie u never speak the false , u have faced lots of challanges but u never left ur dharma, so u must be proud of urself and no pride is bigger than pride of dharma. Yudishtir says yes that is true. Nakul says but u (yudishtir) said ur not proud on losing us ,yudishtir says yes im not but im proud of myself not leaving the path of dharma .

Mamashri says this means we have not finished the game yet come join us n lets continue the game . the whole of sabha supporting duryodhan breaks into laughter .yudishtir joins mamashiri and yudishtir to begin with the game . duryodhan says for this game im betting on myself now .


Here a dasi comes in to inform draupadi about the updates of the sabha ,she informs tat samrat is betting on himself which upsets draupadi a lot. H karnas wife comes to yudishtir and asks her to seek her brother to protect her on this draupdi says y do i need protection , karnas wife says bcoz this whole game is meant to insult the samradni(i.e draupadi) n wen samrat will lose himself in this game of dut u will need protection. Draupadi says m wife of 5 pandavas n will have to seek mr brother for protection.!!! On this karna wife says ur husbands have lost their pride n no strength is useful without pride.

In the sabha the game begins and yudishtir loses the game . yudishtir removes n places his crown in front of duryodhan n joins his brothers.duryodhan kicks yudishtirs singhsasan and says a das has no right to own a gold singhasan. And pulls a of yudishtirs shawl (a piece of cloth) and declares himself as the nnew king of aryavadh. And says i order to bring these five slaves wife to the sabha.

Arjun yells at duryodhan saying this is impossible and if this sabha insults panchali(draupadi) the whole sabha will be shed into blood . on this duryodhan says bheem has already broken his gadha , and ur dhanush is now of karnas then whose blood will be shed….on this bheem says i have only two aims in my life one towards my family orotection and other to follow my elder brothers orders n for this i don’t need any shastra.bhishma asks bheem to cool down and informs duryodhan that even if her husbands are enslaved dosent mean u have right on dron warns duryodhan not to insult his frnds daughter or else he will loose his cool.

Mamashri says no he will not insult draupadi,he says duryodhan bhishma is right u don’t have right on sanradni to have her right u shd win her in the game….!!!

PRECAP: In the next episode duryodhan bets on wife bhanumati and yudishtir on draupadi…..!!!!!

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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