Mahabharat 31st January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Mahabharat 31st January 2014 Written Episode, Mahabharat 31st January 2014 Written Update

– Draupadi recognizes Arjun from the portrait and is hopeful that Arjun will come for her Swayamvar. She trusts Krishna’s words and Shiv’s symbolic way of showing her Arjun.

– At the potter’s hut, Arjun says that the swayamvar is for kings and Princes. THey are all disguised as Brahmins and they wont go and participate. As Kunti wishes, they all decide to leave kampilya by the night.

– At Kampilya, the princes and Kings start arriving. First among them is Rukmi followed by the hastinapur lot and Karn. The arrangements are grand. Karn greets Draupad. Sakuni taunts Karn for that. He says that Panchal is still a enemy. Only a fool trusts everyone as friends. A smart king always treats his friends also as rivals.

– Draupadi is getting ready for

the Swayamvar. Rajmata does the hair combing ceremony. Draupadi asks for significance. Rajmata says a married woman should always tie up her hair to ensure heaven for her husband.

– The pandavas reach a forsaken hut in the forest faraway from Kampilya. They decide to rest there for a while. Yudishtra says that they need to go to the nearby village to get some food. Kunti sends all the five to go and come back quickly. Arjun asks for direction. Yudishtra chooses a direction opposite to the city of Kampilya. Sahadev talks about ho he heard that the princess of Panchal is very beautiful that the one who has seen her face will forget his worries. Arjun remembers Draupadi’s face and is lost for a while. Then he says a lot of princes and Kings might have come there to forget their worries.

-At Kampilya palace, DrishtaDjyumn announces the competition. He shoot an arrow towards the sky and that creates a illusion of a fish with red eyes. The Fish reflection is shown in the waters below. He announces that the one hits the eyes of the fish looking at the reflection in the waters will win his beautiful sister’s hand.

– Duryodhan feels that the competition is partial to archers and if they wanted the best warrior they would have kept the competition common to all weapons. Karn says that he can win this. Sakuni slyly asks if he is interested in the girl. Karn says that the alliance would strengthen Hastinapur.

– Sakuni asks Karn to fight on behalf of Duryodhan and win the girl for him. Karn wonders if that is Dharm. Sakuni reminds him of how Bhishm won the girls for his brother. He adds that he can do it if Dury gives him permission to fight on his behalf. Dury immediately agrees. Karn agrees to win the girl for his friend.

Krishna warns Draupadi indirectly that this competition can be won by Arjun as well as Karn.. Draupadi looks at him

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