Mahabharat 30th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Mahabharat 30th September 2013 Written Episode, Mahabharat 30th September 2013 Written Update

Ghandhari hears about Dhritarastra’s blindness and was shattered. Her brother Sakuni questioned the king and the queen that how come ghandhari did not know about the person with whom she was getting married. Angrily Sakuni told them that no one should compare their children. What he intended to say was that just because she was a female how can they take anonymous decision?
Shakuni met gandhari in her room and assured her that he was with her. He promised her that no one can take her happiness away from her. Gandhari said she already saw a dream with her would be husband. She felt bad that her parents did not tell her that her would be husband is blind since birth. Sakuni was fuming in anger and he declared that he wants to break this marriage and he would face if they attack their

kingdom. Gandhari told Shakuni that they were their parents and she was said that they did not trust her. She further told that as a princess she accepts her parents decision. She will find happiness someway or the other. But her moral was high so she accepted the marriage. Sakuni was devastated and sad to see his sister’s state.

Gandhari who was scared of darkness started blowing of the candles in her room so that it becomes dark. When her assistant asked she said she wants to adjust herself in this darkness. Her assistant said that she was getting married to a person who is blind not with the darkness. But Gandhari said she wants to know how her would-be-husband tried to cope up with the darkness all his life. With that she blew off the last candle.

Hastinapur was decorated fully for Dhritarastra’s marriage. All the important people arrived one by one
Amba was helping her son ready. She told Dhritarastra that his would-be-wife is very beautiful and that their family has arrivied. Pandu told his brother that he was looking as radient as ever.
Satyavati enquired about gandhari when the doot told her that she is getting ready.

Gandhari asked her assistant to leave her alone for sometime. She dismissed rest of her servents. From her box she took out her ishta dev’s murti, lord shiva and touched the shivlinga against her forehead. Then she opened the box which she had brought from her house and picked up and ribbon.


Gandhari arrives at the main hall where the wedding will take place and Satyavati stops her yelling.

Update Credit to: appy_indy_KD

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