Mahabharat 30th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 30th April 2014 Written Episode, Mahabharat 30th April 2014 Written Update

The episode begins with, abhimanyu taking arjuns blessing both are in tears, arjun hugs abhimanyu n says since ur birth i have only heard abt u my eyes where dying to see u , abhimnyu says n since birth i was waiting for opportunity to meet u n start serving u. Arjun says from where did u learn all this knowledge on this abhimanyu says i have this art from my birth i was born with it as im ur child, mamashri(krishna) keeps telling thrice a day that i was born to fight n mother(subhadra) keeps telling i was born to die for n take revenge of my uncles(yudishtir) insult. Arjun says ur mamashri is intelligent but ur mother shes mad u r not born to die but born to be an example n asks where are they abhimanyu says mother is in her room n mamashri is with duryodhan who have come to meet balram. Here duryodhan falls in feets of balram n begin to cry n ask for forgiveness, n says im scared of my life now all the happiness in my life has vanished n its due to those pandavas balram says but what have they done to u infact they have spent their life in forest unlike u in castles duryodhan says that vanvas was their choice this wouldn’t have happened if they had not played dice game n due to them i have not been able to be king of my father’s wealth those pandavas have divided hastinapur they even eloped with the girl who was suppose to marry me n asks balram to memorise that situation which insulted him n says that these pandavas why always insulted him n now they are gathering whole world to fight against me with no mistake of mine . Krishna says in front of whole sabha insulting a women through vastra haran isn’t that a mistake duryodhan says it was draupadis mistake she was a dasi n insulted her swami(boss) n if the punishment i gave her was to hard im ready to deal with consequences , Krishna asks duryodhan wat does he want exactly on this mamashri says we request balram not to do partiality.

Balram says i will never let that happen i agree with duryodhan a result of game shd not be led to war n so i promise i Krishna n any of my soldiers will not raiseany weapon from pandavas side, arjun listens to the conversation n gets shocked n asks balram how can u give such a decision without knowing our side balram says i know the situations very well n for me both the sides r faulty but more faulty is yudishtir who betted on his brothers n wife n was proud abt it so my decision is right n walks away. Arjun asks Krishna to inform balram abt their side Krishna says balram is right on his side n now u have to accept the truth that i will not be on ur side now n leaves the place. Balram finds few people on his route encircled n fighting balram goes their n ask them wat is the matter to his surprise this situation is same as that of dut sabha of betting balram tries to tell the person to respect the women who was betted on but the person who defeated the womens husband denise balram tries to kill him wen he says go show ur strength infront of the pandavas n kauravas , Krishna comes their n asks balram to leave him n will decide abt it later balram leaves the place Krishna asks the women betted on to go near quuen rukmani n if this situation arises again he will not forgive.

Abhimanyu gets upset wen he hears abt balrams decision subhadra says arjun remember one thing krishnas words don’t have one meaning they always have a hidden meaning though he has left the war field theres something better in his mind for us….

Subhadra informs Krishna tat Krishna has said whoever arrives before arjun first amongst u n duryodhan Krishna will fulfil his one wish , arjun reaches Krishna but to his surprise duryodhan had already reached.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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