Mahabharat 2nd May 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 2nd May 2014 Written Episode, Mahabharat 2nd May 2014 Written Update

The episode begins with, Krishna asking arjun to tell his wish duryodhan says he reached 1st Krishna says but he was in front of me so he will be given 1st chance duryodhan says its partiality Krishna says u wer here with a plan n arjun with a request n since its my elder brothers order let me inform one thing i n my army will not be fighting together but against each other , i have a army of the most efficient people in this world n defeating them is impossible duryodhan says but u r more strong then ur army Krishna says yes my sudharshan chakra is the most powerful weapon in the world n use of it can end the war in jst few seconds n so i have decided not use any weapon in the war so u have on one hand whole of my efficient army n on other hand its me with no weapons n so its ur choice completely n asks arjun to chose 1st. Arjun says im very clear of wat i want n nobody shd que u later abt partiality i will request u to give 1st choice to duryodhan. Krishna asks duryodhan his choice n before he says anything Krishna says arjun 1st choice is ur right don’t give it away arjun says right is over wealth n not people i cant chose u, ur the right meaning of dharman so i can jst request u for the purpose of dharma Krishna smiles n duryodhan starts laughing n says armyless n weaponless person is Krishna n u chose him this shows ur stupidity n asks Krishna to give him his army Krishna says why not u can have them m happy tat my brothers promise is still intact so now lets see who has chosen the right thing on the war field . kunti is praying maharaj dritrashtra says dwarika has chosen hastinapur kunti says only its army will be with hastinapur dritrashtra says pandu my brother always trusted me most n used to say all of my belongings will be safe only in the hands of my elder brother n then i had decided i will always take care of all the belongings of pandu but now im very upset i cant keep upto tat bcoz of ur kids whom i cant take care of so plz request them to withdraw, kunti says dritrashtra don’t u worry god will take care of my kids don’t u remember wat ur kids had done to draupadi Krishna had saved her n now Krishna is on their side so i don’t need to worry abt them dritrashtra says don’t u know vasudev Krishna has decided not to use weapons kunti says Krishna says krishnas side is enough for my kids to win n says i have lighted 100 diyas here remember wen they begin to go away its the time for ur kids death….

Krishna says pandavas will surely win in any conditions , its true tat bhishma ,karna ,guru dron all have to face death…

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Nice episode Loved the way kanhaiya taunted Duryodhan

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