Mahabharat 2nd June 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 2nd June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, devraj indra says to karna u are the barrier between the defeat of kauravas who have to be defeated for dharma to bring back to dharma u can keep ur kavach only wen u opt out of the war now its ur choice weather to stay in war n give away ur kavach or opt out of it n keep the kavach, karna decides to give away his kavach n breaks it n destroys the kavach tearing it apart from his body while doing so lot of light emits from the kavach n karna screams in pain ewith his body whole of blood karna gives the kavach to devraj indra n says for the sake of ur son u made me face such hardship n this gave me n signal tat im the winner , indra takes it n arjun sees it he says lord indra by taking away karnas kavach n kundal u haven’t made him helpless but its me , i still hadn’t forgotten about eklavya n now its karna n my knowledge has lost its importance why did u do this didn’t u trust ur son n ur blessings indra says the kavach was gods gift to agraj n so it cannot be used against humans in war since gods will not take place in war even lord hanuman will not be with bheem in his rath but will be with him on his dhwaj(flag). Arjun says i will still kill karna but now my defeat over karna will question my strength give away his kavach indra says i can only fulfil his one wish n asks karna to ask for one karna says a soldiers great pride is his weapon so i ask u for such weapon that wen it will be launched with a person’s name it will kill that person indra agrees to it n gives him the weapon n goes back. karna says arjun i promse u , u will be killed by me n that to by the weapon gifted by ur father n that to very soon. Karna all bloodshed weak n in taers walks towards the kauravas tents wen on his way kunti comes n lifts him , kunti is shocked n hurt to see karna in such condition.

Krishna on war field could feel the voice of soldiers injured and their families morning, mamashri comes their n finds hard to stand erect Krishna says war is still yet to take place n ur nervous right now mamashri says this is good before war Krishna says its a sign which tells u to beware , Krishna says bhishma made ur sister marry a blind person n u decided to make her children the king n this decision of urs has lead all to this war.

Karnas father tells kunti that nakul n sahadevs power can only save karna now.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. i like the story of the great mahabharat

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