Mahabharat 2nd December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Mahabharat 2nd December 2013 Written Episode, Mahabharat 2nd December 2013 Written Update

Dritarashtra stated that if it was possible they would have dismissed Arjun from the state but as he was his dear brother’s son he cannot punish him. He asked Vidur to take decision on his behalf. Vidur said if only Karna forgives Arjun then Arjun wont have to go through any punishment.

Everyone along with Kunti waited for Karna to speak. Duryodhan stated that Karna would only forgive him if Arjun wash his feet leaving everyone stunned. Duryodhan asked Vidur to give order to Arjun.

Karna hesitated initially not willing to let Arjun do the same but agreed just seeing his beloved friend’s face while colour from Arjun’s face drained and his brother stood helplessly.
Arjun did as asked, washed Karna’s feet. Duryodhan and Shakuni got sadistic pleasure. Despite of knowing

the truth, Kunti only shedded her tears without uttering a single word.
Arjun apologized folding his palms in front of Karna.

Dritarashtra declared that he was done with his dinner and that he wont have as the allotted time is wasted.
He declared that tomorrow he would declare the new prince of hastinapur.

Pandava’s were discussing over the matter when they were alone. Nakul said Arjun was bullied so that they don’t have any say in the shabha. Yudhisthira said a price is appointed only if he deserves and Bhima said if they get the kingdom by war he was ready to do it. He said he cannot forget the insult of Arjun. Yudhisthira said which whom he wanted to war with his own family and brothers? Yudhisthira said whatever maharaj dritarashtra decides it will be full and final.

Kunti was very upset and her soul was crying because one of his son was punished by his own brother. Her dasi said they dindot even know that they are brothers, they think they are enemies and when the time comes he will take his revenge. Kunti said it will be unbearable for her to see both her sons fighting.

Arjun came in the right moment with Kunti was crying. He took her tears and bath himself stating that he needs to take bath because for him his mother cried. Despite of Kunti assuring him that he was not at fault he refused to accept. He said he lost his patients and it was his mistake. Kunti had to smiled seeing her son’s distress. Arjun hugged her.

Preacp: Kaurava’s and Karna insults Pandavas.

Update Credit to: indy-KD

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