Mahabharat 28th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 28th January 2014 Written Episode, Mahabharat 28th January 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Dury entry into the King’s sabha. Dury tells Karn that until today there was darkness, only dreams in his life, but today, his dreams are going to come true. Karn is happy for his friend and replies that he will always be there, in the path to fulfill his friend’s dreams.

Next Dury goes to get blessings of his father. Dhirid says that since he was blind, he had only dreams.. But his son has fulfilled his dreams. Today he feels like he can see.. He blesses his son and asks him to carryon. He next goes to Bhishm. Bhishm sarcastically blesses him saying that he had only dreams and now he blesses him so that he can see… Sakuni asks Dury to talk about what to see and not later and go ahead and get blessing from his mother. His mother tells him to follow the footsteps of Yudi, saying that the embroidary on old clothes have to follow the same pattern. Dury says but new paint gets painted on top of old paint, he will be a better ruler than Yudi.

Then Dury’s ceremony takes place and he is crowned the crown prince.

Sakuni proudly stands near the crown prince throne as Dury sits on it. Karn, Dhirid, Gandhari, Dushala, Dushasan and other brothers are all happy. Vidur and Bhishm are looking grim. Sakuni catches Bhishm’s eye and pats his thigh, reminding himself how he hurt himself to keep reminding him of injustice metted out to Gandhari, of how he strived to make Dury the crown prince, of how Bhishm once told that no one will become a crown prince until pandavas came back.. and he smirks at Bhishm.

Dury tells his Mama that Kampilya Swayamvar is awaiting him. Sakuni tells that panchal princess herself is awaiting him.

Arjun, Nakul, Sahadev and Yudi are carrying Kunti in an open palanquin. She asks them to rest for a while as they would be tired. Bheem says if they are tired he can carry her. Sahadev tells him to give them a chance once in a while to serve mother. They hear cries all of a sudden. Bheem goes to investigate.

He finds a group of tribals crying over a body. A sage treats him, The unconcious man revives becuase of the treatment and the sage blesses him with long life. He asks the group not to punish the serpants because it bit him. He says that he is expecting some guests and dismisses the group. As the group cheer for him, we come to know he is sage vedvyas.

Bheem is surprised when the sage looks at him directly and says that he has been waiting for them for three days. He asks how he is waiting for them when he doesnt know him. Sage calls him by name and says that names are not only for identifying. Bheem is surprised as Sage asks where his other brothers and mother are.

All the pandavas and Kunti come and greet Sage Vedvyas. Sage asks them to stay for the night and go in the morning. The sage tells them that he knew that the fire connot destroy them. But Yudi tells that it is their desire to lie low. Kunti asks if they took the right decision. Sage tells her that they didnt take the decision, its the fate’s call. He asks them to stay at Kampilya after they move from there in the morning. The pandavas and Kunti oblige.

At Kampilya, The swayamvar arrangements for Draupadi takes place. Draupadi is restless as she is worried about the swayamvar. Shikandini cheers her up saying that so many princes and Kings have come here and her marriage hold such a political value. Draupadi asks if food will become any tastier because it is served in a gold plate? Shikandini is confused. Draupadi’s little friend comes there with a portrait. Shikandini and Draupadi wonder whose portrait it is. Krishna comes there and announces that it is that of Arjun’s. Krishna also tells her that her father is very keen on her marraige with Arjun that he has sent a lot of portraits like this to spies to search for him and invite him to the event. Draupadi looks at krishna as he smiles at her naughtily.

In the meanwhile, Pandavas and Kunti reach Kampilya.

Krishna asks Draupadi to ask help from Shiva itself when she visits the shiv mandir. At shiv mandir Draupadi is praying to lord shiva for an answer. Arjun emerges out of the pond of the temple and walks towards the mandir.

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