Mahabharat 27th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 27th November 2013 Written Episode, Mahabharat 27th November 2013 Written Update

Karn is at home resting his head on his mother’s lap expressing his content in doing so.His mother is happy seeing his face after long time but is unsettled by the events of the evening. His foster father comes in asking his wife to look at her son’s happy face once for all as he would be leaving soon to accomplish his duties. Karn asks his foster parents if they aren’t coming with him. They at that they are not. He tries to persuade them but they are adamant. Karn finally gets his mom to adorn his with his crown and leaves after getting their blessing.

Kunti is again being advised by priyamvada to not reveal anything to her five sons.She promises her friend. She walks away when she is confronted by Bheem who carries her back to her room..All the P bros one in and they have a happy reunion. Kunti says she was o proud of all of them. They say hat they lost. Kunti says that they went by the norms and made her feel proud. The talks turn to how the younger ones were looked after by Bheem and Arjun says how the five were like five fingers of the fist. Nakul teases Bheem saying that Bheem is the thumb. Bheem says that thumb is the most important of all and he is happy that he got to be thumb. Sahadev says Arjun is the best in archery. Bheem jovially goes to hit Sahadev when yudi says if Arjun is best in Archery, Bheem is best n gadh… their strentgh lies in unity. Kunti agrees happily. Bheem asks for laddoo and kunti promises to make them. Yuri asks her not strain as he heard she lost conscious at the arena. Kunti again remebbers Karn and is lost for words. Priyamvada intervenes and says its because she was anxious of the outcome of the contest. P brothers wonder who she is, Kunti introduces her. Priyamvada says even though Kunti has 5 sons who are warriors, she is still worried, indirectly hinting Kunti, stressing on 5. Kunti replies back in crypt saying she is a mother how can she not feel what she feels… Ghee reminds kunti of laddoo and Yuri says that they have to first meet the other elders and thy all leave. Kunti is lost in thoughts and then tells her friend that she needs to meet Karn. Priyamvada starts to say no but Kunti says she agreed not to say anything to her other sons but she needs to meet Karn.

Kunti meets Karn on the palace entrance and both look at eachother not able to comprehend the pull. The screen freezes on Kunti’s sad face as Karn looks on

Precap- Karn turns to go, kunti calls him putr. She is about to tell I’m something when the other five arrive. She tells Karn jest bratha.. but the rest are staring at him.

Update Credit to: Abavi

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