Mahabharat 27th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 27th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with: Day 10: shakuni says duryodhan we have to keep bhishma away from shikhandi n shd kill her , arjun says shikhandi today the whole kauravas army will concentrate on u so we will all guard n today we have only one aim n that is to help shikhandi reach bhishma, the war begins duryodhan to bhishma says for my victory we have to save u, bhishma says look there n points the approaching pandavas army, duryodhan orders guru dron to attack Krishna n arjun n stop them from proceeding to bhishma, guru dron says arjun accept my challenge if i loose i will be proud of my teaching n if i win i will be proud of my knowledge, arjun says today u shall be satisfied only with ur teaching bcoz no one can stop us from killing bhishma, ashvathama attacks shikhandi , bheem n nakul go to assit shikhandi , duryodhan when notices this orders to attack bheem, ashvathama almost defeated shikhandi but nakul comes n handles the situation he asks shikhandi to leave n starts to fight with ashvathama, when shikhandi abt to reach bhishma dushasan attacks shikhandi , yudishtir stops dushasan n helps shikhandi proceed to bhishma, yudishtir n dushasan battle using bhala(weapon). Sanjay inform dritrashtra that shikhandi though injured still trying to reach bhishma n its jst 3 hrs left for sunset. Shikhandi when was about to attack bhishma shakuni stops n says u have a mens body but ur skills n techniques are still of a women , i will give u a chance to leave the war field , if u will give away the idea of killing bhishma , shikhandi says i will never give away the idea of killing bhishma, shakuni says only few hours left for sunset n i have to keep u busy for that time. Mahamantri vidhur asks sanjay where is shikhandi ,sanjay says she is stopped by shakuni n pandavas are far away from her, dritrashtra says this means we have a good news bcoz shakuni will never let her kill bhishma. Shakuni n shikhandi attack eachother, shakuni stabs her n shikhandi falls on ground , shakuni abt to kill is stopped by abhimanyu , abhimanyu lifts shikhandi n takes him on his horse to draupadi, draupadi asks abhimanyu to call nakul n sahadev , Krishna says arjun its time for sunset before that u have to defeat guru dron. Shikhandi is badly injured n abt to die draupadi says u cant die without completing ur task u have to wakeup n destroy bhishma.

PRECAP: Shikhandi reaches bhishma n attacks him.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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