Mahabharat 27th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 27th January 2014 Written Episode, Mahabharat 27th January 2014 Written Update

Bhishma was doing Shiv puja when Duryodhan arrived and asked for his blessings. He asked why he is not letting anyone to become Yuvraj. Duryodhan said as brother Yudhisthira died there is no Yuvraj in the kingdom yet. Bhisham said whether there is any Yuvraj bein appointed or not God knows whether there is Yuvraj or not. Duryodhan said if God has accepted him as Yuvraj then why aren’t they appointing him. Bhishma said he can do whatever he wants to as he doesnot have control over it. Feeling happy he went to tell the news to his father.
Vidhur arrived on the same time and asked how he asked Duryodhan for Yuvraj Abhishek. Bhishma said let it be because when Yudhisthira comes back this will become null and void. Vidhur said there was no news of them when Bhishma reminded him of hirimbo’s death and he also said there was no one else other than bhima who could kill the monster.
Everyone celebrated Hirimba’s mother hood. She gave birth to Bhima’s son. Hirimba was very happy to see her son. Bhima took blessings from his brother and his younger siblings congratulated him. Hirimba brought bhima’s son for tilak. She asked him to do it with his own blood. He did it and immediately saw him grow into a super strong man-cum-devil. Everyone was stunned to see him grow in a super speed.
His son touched his mother’s foot first and then his father’s. Bhima was happy to embrace his son. Hirimba asked Bhima to name his son. Ghatochkach, he named his son then he introduced him to his brothers and Kunti maa and asked him to take blessing from them. Arjuna embraced him and everyone blessed him. His mother asked him to take blessing from father as they will leave soon. Kunti said they can stay for few more days if they wants. But she said as she promised them that they can leave after her first born, she will not break her promise.
Kunti blessed her and told her every woman will learn from hirimba.
Ghatochkach told bhima that whenever he calls him 3 times he will arrive.
While leaving bhima felt bad leaving behind his wife and son. He came back and embraced him for the last time before departing. His wife hirimba bid him with a smiling face and then burst into tears when they were gone.
He told his best friend Karna that from today onwards his every dream is going to come true.

Precap : Duryodhan wished to marry Draupadi soon.

Update Credit to: appy_indy

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    wow..i cant watch t.v.coz i am staying in hostel.but i am crazy to watch Mahabhart.thank u for the written part of the episode.
    i love to watch it.
    my fev is Arjun and krishna.i love to see them together.

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