Mahabharat 26th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Mahabharat 26th September 2013 Written Episode, Mahabharat 26th September 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Dritrashtra tfighting with many elephants in a contest ground. He is able to put the elephant down with one hand. Every one is happy at his show of strength and is cheering him. He chains the elephants and runs towards them to kick them all together. Suddenly he feels as if someone has helped him. He asks who has helped him. Its Pandu his younger brother

Dhritrashtra says that he does not need anyone’s help. He does not need everyone to keep reminding him that he is blind

Scene changes and Dhritrashtra is in a room. Pandu comes there and Dhritrashtra says has he come to again remind him about his blindness. Pandu says no he has come to meet his brother Then Pandu looks at the throne and says that this throne has been vacant for too long and time

has come that Dhritrashtra will sit on it as he is elder

At that time Vidur comes and says that is capability which decides who should sit ion the throne and not who is elder. He also says that if something is said before time it has no meaning. Vidur goes

Dhritrashtra says that Vidur is jealous because they are sons of queens and he is a child of a Dasi. Pandu contradicts him politely and says that Vidur is not jealous and we are all children of the same father. Rajmata and Tatshri B Bheeshma consider him part of this family. And he has a good quality that he doesn’t consider sweet talking while considering the truth. Dhritrashtra says this is not a quality. Harsh words can sound insulting. Pandu says truth can only isult those who have untruth in there heart but your heart has nothing but trust in it so you should not feel insulted. You should only be happy.

Dritrashtra says he has lived with unhappiness all his life. He is not confidant of his next step.Every foot movement brings fear. Now he will be truly happy only when he becomes king.

Just then a servant brings in a letter. Pandu reads it and says that actually you need a wife who will reduce your loneliness and be with you like your eyes. Then you will not feel under confidant

Rajmata Satyavati and Bheeshma have chosen Gandhari the princess of Gandhar for you. She is beautiful has very good attributes, and is blessed to have a 100 sons. You are lucky to have her

Dhritrashtra says that she is lucky to be chosen to be the queen of Hastinapur

Lord Krishna says that everyone is born with a limitation. is there anyone who is perfect? So is it right to all the time worry about that limitation and devlop an inferiority complex because of it?

At Gandhar the kind and the queen are sad. They took the decision to marry Gandhari to Dhritrashtra out of fear of Bheeshma and the huge army of Hastinapur. The kind says how will we tell Gandhari. The queen says that let her destiny face her itself

The kind says how we will tell our son Shakuni. He loves his sister a lot. He will never accept her marriage to a blind person

At a cliff Shakuni and a servant are handing by a rope. The servant says that the rope is not strong enough for both of them. Shakuni says ok let me leave the rope. The servant says no your life is precious. Shakini says ok you leave it. Servant is scared. Shakuni kicks him with his foot and he falls.

Precap Shakuni tells his dad that he will take revenge on Hastinapur. He will manipulate them in such a way that their whole empire will crumble. For his sister he can achieve most impossible of tasks..

Update Credit to: Nandiniraizada

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