Mahabharat 26th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 26th November 2013 Written Episode, Mahabharat 26th November 2013 Written Update

Duryodhan declares karn as the king of Ang pradesh, sushen ask to not give such gift to them but duryodhan says that every gud warrior is his friend. Bhishm says that duryodhan dnt have any right to gift even an inch of land to any1, shakuni contradict it n says that if not duryodhan than DR surely have right to fulfill his sons’ wish, DR declares karn as Ang’s king, it shocked pandavas n sum other people.

Shakuni gave knife to duryodhan, he cut his thumb to do tilak n takes pledge that he’ll keep this promise till death, karn was overwhelmed, he bow down to duryodhan n says that he’ll always be loyal to them as a token of respect they given them, duryodhan says that they are frnds now n than ask karn to compet.

Arjun was luking at drona, shakuni taunt him if he has sum doubt of his being a kshatriye, duryodhan says it can be possible as thr r sum stories saying that they are not from thr clan, kunti got angry on that , as well as pandavas, kunti says that if arjun is her son, he’ll surely accept thz challenge, he’ll prefer death over tolerating thz insult of his father. Fight starts, both were of same caliber, DR ask sanjay abt the same n got same reply, he want the decision to cum before sunset.

Both were using gud tactics against each other n after few minutes, bcoz of arjun’s arrow karn’s sheild gets visible, kunti was in shock as she remembers him n within seconds she faints. Her maid n dushala takes her inside in the meanwhile karn shot the arrow but arjun noticed the sunset so she dnt shot any n caught it n throws on ground, he walk towards karn n says that the competition is over, the sun has set, karn says that if darkness is his limit, arjun says no but its sunset n if in order to prove his caliber n capabilities he need to follow adharama, he dnt want to prove it n karn need not to worry he’s a king now, he’ll get many opportunities to fight.

Scene changed, kunti was dreaming abt karn in her uncounciousness, n wake up worryng for him, she share it to priyamvada, but she says that it will only bring defame for her 5 sons.

Precap: Kunti wants to go to karn n other side karn leaves for ang pradesh.

Update Credit to: Amor

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