Mahabharat 26th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 26th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with karn’s mom telling him that till today they took care of him and she and karn’s dad raised him together. Karn and mom start crying and then karn asks that if they did not give him birth then who is his real mother. She is unanswerable and is crying and karn asks her again but dad tells him that they don’t know. Dad then tells him that he and his wife wanted a son and they used to pray everyday at the ganga river and finally one day they got him in a basket from the river. Karn cries and then asks him that whose son is he. Dad tells that in hastinapur people say that lord Vishnu must have given his name to karn so maybe it is true that Vishnu is his dad. Karn is sad. He goes ahead and then turns back and tells his mom that epeople know him from the name radhe and now if anyone asks him his name what will he tell them and he goes away sad.

Mahamantri vidhur comes at Krishna and tells him that he is sorry but he only wants peace in all the brothers. Vidhur tells that he is sorry for such an insult he had to go through. Krishna says its ok and it was not his fault and tells that he tried a lot to stop war but he has been unsuccessful in that and who will be a victim of his failure will be decided in the war. He then tells that he will soon send a invitation of war to hastinapur and then he turns to kunti and tells he will go and that her sons will come for her blessings before the war and kunti tells that she does not fear from anyone unless he(Krishna) is there with her sons. Krishna tells that if she is tensed about anyone then she should go at that person and tell him and then Krishna goes.

Karn is sad and he goes to the sea and then remembers all his encounters with his mother kunti and brothers. He remembers that he had told arjun that he will kill arjun on the battlefield. He starts crying and falls on the ground. His wife comes and tells him that even Krishna has two mothers and he gives them equal love so why is he tensed and karn tells that if the situation is such of a war and he insulted his brothers then the heart will stay hurt and bleed and there was no need of all the struggle i have done to give my art a recognisation all the insults i have ever faced i always thought was bcoz of arjun n always thought of defeating him to earn my respect n prove myself powerful and now i know that arjun is brother n i should show love towards him n duryodhan who has helped me since my childhood i have to show him hatred wat shd i do now on one hand i have my brothers n on other my friend vrishali says only one person can help u out n its mata kunti.

Kunti is in tears with the memories she has of karna , in the morning while karna offers prayers to lord surya (sun) kunti comes their she says son karna im here to ask u for favour can u plz help me.

Karna says i can help u in one way i will promise u i will fight only against arjun n not other four brothers.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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