Mahabharat 25th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 25th November 2013 Written Episode, Mahabharat 25th November 2013 Written Update

Arjun freezes Dur’s right foot, he manages to break free, Arjun next freezes him till his hip, Due breaks it with his gadh. Arjun freezes him up till his neck. Duty is helpless, Arjun makes him lose his gadh too. Drona proudly announces Arjun the winner of the competition. Sakuni, Dhrid and Ashu are unhappy. Drona also says that not only Arjun is the best among the princes he is the best in the world. At that moment a sound is heard as people look on an arrow comes and unfreezes Dury. While everyone are surprised, Krn makes his entry.( note the brilliance of the conception of the script writers.. Arjun, son of Indra uses water to defeat his opponent, Karen, son of the sun uses fire to release the prince)

Karn is asked who he is. Karn says that Arjun should fight with him to prove that he is the best. Drona says the competition is between kuru princes. Karn says he thought he competition is over. Now he wanted to prove that he is better than the kuru prince.

Sakuni intervenes and is about to say that the competition should happen,.. Arjun finishes it for Sakuni.

Vidur expresses his concern to raj guru and raj guru goes to the rescue of the situation karn asks Drona who is lost in thought why he is not letting his student fight with him. Is he not confident of his student or the knowledge imparted to him. Drona recognises/remembers the boy.

Rajguru comes forward and says that a king can fight only with a king or prince, a prince with only a prime minister or a prince… a pm with only another pm or a commander in chief.. there is hierarchy which has to be followed. He asks Karn to introduce himself.

Karn is quiet. Drona asks kripa not to compel the man to give answers if he is not willing, if he is ashamed to reveal that.. Karn denies being ashamed and proudly introduces himself as a sarathi’s son. Everyone are shocked that he is a man from a lowly caste. They deny him the right to compete with a prince. Karn asks what does his talent have to do with his birth. No one agrees. His father comes down to him and asks him leave from there. The crowd boo’s him to go away. Karn sees his parents bitterly crying. Bheem too mocks at him.

Karn leaves dejectedly. Duty who is watching all this looks for a moment at his mama and stops Karn. He asks the raj guru how Ravan was allowed to fight with Ram. RG says Ravan was a king of Lanka then. Dury asks if Karn is made a king hen will he be let to compete with Arjun.. everyone are stunned. Even karn is stunned… ( thus started a great friendship…)

Precap- Arjun and Karn compete eachother. At one point Arjun’s arrow almost attacks Karn, but his kavach saves him. Kunti recognizes her eldest son Karn

Update Credit to: Abavi

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