Mahabharat 24th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 24th September 2013 Written Episode, Mahabharat 24th September 2013 Written Update

Parshuram n bhishm start fighting, both were brave on thr parts, devi ganga also came thr, bhishm fell down n then fight again bravely, after sum tym they take thr divya astras, parshu n bhramhastra, devi ganga prays to mahadev to stop them or thr will be destruction, as thy throw thr astras towards each other, mahadev open his third eye n it goes inside it, they were surprised.

Mahadev came n they greet, he ask them its better to stop or thr will be destruction, amba says that he can’t stop it, as it will decide her revenge, parshuram has promised her for justice, mahadev says that if parshuram promised, he’ll surely fulfill her wish but he can’t bless a revengeful wish, but he bless her that whenever she wishes it for a gud cause against bhishm, she’ll becum the reason of his death, he goes.

Bhishm says that whenever thr’s sumthing like thz he’ll surrender himself to her, amba says she dnt need his help, she dnt want to live thz life, but she’ll be back in her next life to take revenge. After 25 years, panchal, the queen gave birth to a girl, her grandfather named her shikhandani, n wishes that she’ll becum the cause of bhishm’s death as he insulted them n thr state, the priest told that her lyf is full of struggle.

Krishna says, that parents n elder ones gave a lot of things to thr younger generation, thy give happiness, prosperity but with it thy gave thr unfulfilled drms, thr pain to them, n leave them to fight with it throughout thr lyfs.

In gandhar, the princess was sleeping, wind blew of the diyas, she got scared n wake up, a lady came n calm her down n scold the maids to blew it on.She ask y is she so scared of darkness n the lady calm her down saying not only her but every other normal human being scared of it.

On the other side, a soldier saw an huge army moving towards gandhar, he leave to inform the king, next morning the king n queen were talking abt the best suitable groom for gandhari n they got the news of attack, the king starts preparing for it.

Precap: The soldier descibes the leader of the army who attacked them.

Update Credit to: Amor

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