Mahabharat 22nd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 22nd April 2014 Written Episode, Mahabharat 22nd April 2014 Written Update

The episode begins with, nakul gets upset on draupadi working as dasi,on this yudishtir says a person becomes slave wen he thinks of being it from inside,draupadi arrives at the location n says i agree with yudishtir. Arjun sees draupadis saree torn he asks the reason on which she explains why ,bheem gets angry on kichak n procceds to kill him but draupadi stops him n says if we kill kichak duryodhan will find us n only 15 days are left for agyatvas to end have patience in meanwhile they all hear abt duryodhans arrival.

Duryodhan mamashri n dushasan are welcomed by maharaj of matsya virat , mamashri tells their reason of arrival ,maharaj of matsya denise of pandavas n draupadi being in matsya. Duryodhan says he is sure of draupadi being here on which senapati kichak says give us time till

tomorrow morning n i will show u all those who are not natives but travellers. On which duryodhan says does maharaj agrees on it n senapati says in matsya the decision on senapati is as imp as maharaj, so stay here. Kichak asks the soldier to inform all the travellers to be there by morning in the sabha.

After being informed all pandavas gather again n they realise that kichak will now take advantage of situation through draupadi. Here kichak stops draupadi n says her that he has recognised her n can save her only if she comes to his room this night with some alcohal(madira). After this draupadi joins pandavas n informs them abt kichak,she says she can’t go to kichak n if duryodhan recognises them they again have to go for 12yrs vanvas. Sahadev suggest of killing kichak n running away yudishtir denise n say if this happens duryodhan will go in state of war with matsya n we cant let this happen. Arjun says does kichak wants only draupadi or something else as well we need to find this.

Here kichak informs mamashri that he wants to be maharaj of matsya n this can happen only wen maharaj virat n his son uttar die in war, i kichak will give u the pandavas n draupadi in return u have to kill virat n uttar.mamashri agrees with kichak n promises him to make him king, kichak says now u can rest till morning till then if to complete an imp task this night.

Arjun says im sure kichak is gonna betray maharaj virat n i guess maharaj knows this, but we have to punish kichak for his behaviour towards draupadi n i have a plan for that.

Duryodhan asks mamashri weather they really have to kill maharaj n his sons , mamashri says no ,kichak is attracted towards draupadi n before morning im sure pandavas will kill kichak n then we will reach their n catch bheem n others red handed n destroy their agyatvas.

PRECAP: Kichak sees draupadi in his room but its dark there n bheem arrives n begin to beat kichak…..

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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