Mahabharat 21st April 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 21st April 2014 Written Episode, Mahabharat 21st April 2014 Written Update

The episode begins with, sahadev asks the kid to give one ladu to damgranti who is nakul,nakul guards the horse stable ,the kid tells tantipal has offered him this ladu , nakul asks the kid to eat the ladu on asking why he says i don’t want to become fat like u.

Here in a sabha yudishtir is shown playing the game of dice with maharaj of matsya , yudishtir is named mantraikank , dasi comes n offer food but he says he will have i latern says i don’t want ladus in food, yudishtir says these ladus remind me of my childhood can i have them maharaj agrees, yudishtir says maharaj u look tensed maharaj says its due to maharani n her brother kichak yudishtir says don’t worry i will look after that matter.and asks dasi weather the same food is given to maharani n dsi nods yes.

Here in maharanis sabha uttara maharanis daughter is dancing ,she falls while dancing n says im tired wen uttar maharanis son comes to her n says learn to fight n u will nt get tired again,uttara asks uttar to dance, uttar says im a warrior n warrior dosent need to learn to dance wen a lady playing instrument who is none other than arjun , arjun shows the kid the art n strength of dance, after that arjun asks maharani for a break looking at the laddus offered to maharani for lunch. The maharanis hair dresser is none other than draupadi wen draupadi looks at laddus n asks for break maharani saysfirst give this patra to my brother kichak, wen draupadi denies maharani says if u don’t my brother will burn u alive go right now n draupadi proceeds.

Here bheeem comes to a dark barren land n in few minutes nakul n sahadev also come their , on this nakul asks y did u send ladus bheem n the 3 hug each other in mean time arjun n yudishtir come their, arjun asks is their any special msg that u sent ladus bheem says yes ur waist its becoming smaller n smaller n all giggle bheem asks arjun where is draupadi , arjun says no idea may be maharani needs her for some more time.

Draupadi goes to give the patra(vessel) to maharanis brother kichak , draupadi who is named sairandri keeps the vessel n about to go but kichak asks her to come close she denise it saying its dark here n she may trip on this kichak lights fire in room n goes close to draupadi , draupadi asks him to be in his limits n none of his power of fire will work on her n so stay away from her. On this kichak says who are u sairendri u look from arajya parivar by ur attitude. She says tat dosent matter let me go kichak says i want to marry u draupadi says im married kichak says y isn’t ur hair tied then she says its a tapasya n proceeds out but kichak pulls the cloth on her face n says no one can say no to kichak , draupadi says u touched me i have gods grace which says no one can touch me n my clothes i forgive u this time jst bcoz of maharaj matsya n his goodness, learn something good for him n leaves….

PRECAP: Mamashri n duryodhan has arrived in matsya n tell about pandavas, kichak recognises draupadi n tells her abt duryodhans arrival n asks her to come to his room if he wants him to save her n pandavas…

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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