Mahabharat 20th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 20th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, pandavas are informed about dritrashtras wish of not taking the duts game effects to war arjun says we will never forget abt wat happened with draupadi in the dut sabha n so we will have a war vidhur says war will lead to destroy of lot of families number of women will become widow n children without fathers yudishtir says the war will surely lead to destroy but will enlighten the path towards dharma but silence will lead to more adharma vidhur says dritrashtra is ready to give back u ur respect and pride back vidhur asks wat is his take on this Krishna says tough someone dosent follow dharma he surely knows wat dharma is so i think we shd give peace a chance. Draupadi asks wats the decision now n wat does Krishna says arjun tells her wats krishnas decision n Krishna would like to give peace a chance this reminds draupadi of wars result n draupadi says we cant give peace a chance bcoz one who insults women power he must die n this is not a war but a path towards dharma so Krishna will not go to hastinapur as acceptance of peace, draupadi meets Krishna n says i have thought a lot abt the wars result n all that u told me n now when im ready for all this situation with such efforts why are u changing it Krishna says bcoz i think peace shd be given a chance draupadi says i was one who was insulted so its my decision whether to go for peace n war Krishna says just trust me i promise u war will take place bcoz i know duryodhan will never want peace .

In hastinapur dushasan says Krishna is known as god so do u think that we can trap him mamashri says he is self proclaimed god he is jst like us a human but uses his brains, duryodhan says Krishna will not use weapons n his mighty army is now mine so now im the powerful man mamashri says don’t lead urself to pride bcoz Krishna is very smart he can easily bcoz all the grt people in ur side all are afraid of Krishna n if Krishna decides to fight by pandavas side ur army will be of no use so we have to trao him n jail him, duryodhan says i will trap him in front of the whole sabha.

Krishna reaches hastinapur he is welcomed warmly by karna n other members , duryodhan says now they are welcoming him now but after the sabha all will laugh at him mamashri says quite Krishna is very sharp he can read minds i guess so don’t talk now. Krrishna is greeted by dritrashtra , dritrashtra says im happy to see u from the pandavas side, gandhari says Krishna ur the only one who can lead this war to peace Krishna says i will try my best to lead to peace.

Krishna says Give back pandavas their wealth n draupadi back her respect by falling for forgiveness in her feet.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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