Mahabharat 20th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 20th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, duryodhan accepts bheems challenge n both begin to attack each other with gadha(weapon), bheem says its time to punish u for all ur wrong deeds. Yudishtir n bhishma attack each other with bhala(weapon), dushasan trying to interrupt is stopped by nakul, ashvathama fights with abhimanyu n sahadev with mamashri shakuni. Krishna aks arjun to engage guru dron for some more time since bheem hasn’t defeated duryodhan. Duryodhan n bheem keep attacking each other , duryodhan gathers some sand n throws in bheems eyes n then attack on him with the wheel of rath , bheem falls unconscious on ground after this attack , bhishma n yudishtirs attacks bhishma asks yudishtir to surrender since he dosent want to attack him , bhishma says i will take u to duryodhan n then the war will end yudishtir says for this duryodhan shd be alive. Duryodhan begins to laugh on bheems condition, nakul n sahadev cheer bheem n encourage him to attack back , bheem wakes up n hits duryodhan, they begin to attack each other again, bheem says to duryodhan first i will break this mouth of urs which gave the order to insult draupadi n then will break ur head , bheem lifts his gadha n when about to attck duryodhan bhishma arrives with yudishtir , bhishma says ur leader is here n u cannot kill duryodhan for this u need ur leaders orders n if yudishtir gives such orders i will kill yudishtir, yudishtir says bheem don’t worry abt me its my order kill duryodhan this is necessary since we are here to give dharma a new birth, bheem lifts his gadha but dosent attack duryodhan , duryodhan gets up n starts laughing at bheems condition n says u can never win bcoz ur bound by dharma unlike me n so u will always face defeat , bheem says all this u calling my weakness is actually my strength n when u will see my real strength that will be ur last day, the sunsets n day is called out. sanjay informs dritrashtra that pandavas had almost won the war, dritrashtra says these pandavas will never win till bhishma is there for my child duryodhan.
Dristvyum says todays condition of ours is good its brought vibes of achievement in our soldiers but bhishma strength stopped us ,Krishna says its not bhishma today but yudishtirs fault that he didn’t give a whole hearted fight to bhishma n we need to kill bhishma.

Bhishma says i will destroy the whole of my opponents army.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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