Mahabharat 1st November 2013 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 1st November 2013 Written Episode, Mahabharat 1st November 2013 Written Update

Bhishma tells the kids that they should eat without bending their arm… while others blink, yudhistra picks up a morsel and feeds Duryodan. Bhishma is happy seeing this and asks others to do the same. But only the Pandu brothers feed the gauravas. The gauravas do of return the favour.

Dhrid is offering prayers and Bhishma arrives there with vidur. Dhrid tells them that they are only following rules of dharma when it applies to him or his sons and not for Pandu. Vidur tries to explain it Dhrid is not in a mood to listen

At night, Kunti is abt to retire when all her sons come to hr. Nakul asks when they will leave from there. Kunti says that they are here for ever. This is their home. The boys says that people here aren’t happy seeing them then why should they be here. Bheem tries to say what conspired at lunch aand how they went hungry. Yudi stops him from saying anything. Arjun manages the situation. But Kunti gets the clue and feels sad.

The next day Nakul and Bheem try to find their way to the kitchen but get lost. They finally reach the mango groove and when they are about to pluck a fruit the gauravas say that they cannot as it is their tree.. they also keep teasing the pandavas. Bheem gets angry but Yudi stops him again. The gauravas say that since their father was a sanyasi, they should also beg for food.

This angers pandavs and Arjun replies aptly. Yuri says Arjun is right and unleashes Bheem who topples all the gauravas with his strength. They all run away.
Else where this is being watched by Duryodan and his uncle who is again poisoning his mind against pandavs.

Precap- Sakumi mixes poison in kheer and Duryodhan gives it to Bheem. He drinks it and looses conscious.

Update Credit to: Abavi

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